Monday, February 20, 2012

This Might Could Be Me

An Occasional Correspondent sent this along...

I've thought about bein' a Wally-World greeter.  But not TOO seriously, though, mainly because I just ain't too terribly fond o' people.  In general.  Present company excepted.


The obligatory "well, this sucks" WX post: 

It's the frickin' wind, Gentle Reader.  All damned day, too.


  1. Man, does the wind ever die down out there?

    That song was so funny Joyce and I laughed till we cried and then we cried till we laughed again. I've already sent it on to a couple of friends and relatives. Great find. And regarding the Wally World greeter job, my sentiments exactly.

  2. Okay, maybe the new comment thang is not so bad. The song made me lol, but dang, it is so true.

  3. Should I be concerned that I related to this song more than some of your other song clips? :-)

    You know I'm so with you on frickin' high winds.

  4. lol, now what was i gonna say

  5. Dan: In re: the wind. Not really... a calm day here is about as frequent as rain in the Sahara. But it DOES happen, occasionally.

    Red: Is that a comment on the quality of my music posts? ;-)

    Anon: Heh.

  6. Buck, I've been so dang busy (I think) that I just now got around to that video. Oh man...that's the good stuff.

    I ain't quite there just yet, but I'm surfing on the first waves of it...and drinking salt water regularly.

    That was funny. Sent it straight to The Fagbook, where it will be seen by all both of my The Fagbook friends, too!


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