Friday, February 17, 2012

Rainy Day, Dream Away

Mr. Ariail has it right, IM(NS)HO.  I'm sick to frickin' DEATH of all this culture war BS.  The GOP candidates are throwing it all away by concentrating on the small stuff while ignoring (ahem) the elephant in the room.  It's said we get the gub'mint we deserve but I'm thinkin' we certainly deserve better candidates than we have.


It's what some folks would call a dreary day here on The High Plains o' New Mexico.  Note:

Those of us who live here don't think that way, simply because rain is a rare and blessed event.  We NEED all we can get.  That said, I'm glad I did all my runnin' around yesterday, which included the semi-monthly big-ass commissary and beer run out to Cannon Airplane Patch.  I can sit at my window and watch the rain come down, all safe and warm and cozy and all that other stuff.


The astute among you may have noticed I killed the word verification thingie on comments.  I did that because Blogger changed their WV app to a serious pain-in-the-ass, two-word, illegible abomination and no reasonable human should have to put up with that shit.  And another thang... we used to be able to have fun with the WV stuff, some o' which was seriously amusing.  No more, alas.  A pox on people who fix shit that ain't broke.  I hope their daughters are sold into slavery.


A brief hockey update... the Beloved Wings record-breaking string of home wins is at serious risk tonight as the hotter-than-hot Nashville Predators drop into The Joe for some hockey.  The Preds have a 6-2-2 record in their last ten, but then again the resurgent Ducks had a 7-2-1 record when we beat them last week.  We shall see.



Speakin' o' hockey games...  So there I was, watching the Wings and Stars game this past Tuesday night... together but separate with SN1, as is our habit... when the phone rings right after Zetterberg got sent to the box on a questionable call.  I mean RIGHT after, like ten or 15 seconds.  So I answer the phone with "THAT was bullshit!!!"

Pregnant pause and brief silence on the other end, followed by "Excuse me?"

It wasn't SN1.  It was My Buddy Ed In Florida.  Oh shit, oh dear.  After some stammering I finally managed to apologize and explain the situation, to much laughter and stuff.

My phone etiquette really sucks these days.


Oh... the post title?  This:

You go, Jimi.


  1. I'm really liking that sax that starts it off (not that there's anything wrong with the guitar playing)

    I'm fairly certain I'm going to dump WV over on at least one of my blogs (I don't care if nobody comments on the photo blog). I can understand the reasoning behind the system, but there has to be an easier way to handle it

  2. Buck, I'm with you on that social issues thing that seems to be happening. I think it has a lot to do with the conservative focus shifting away from Newt over to Santorum. His record suggests he's more sympathetic to big gubmint so he and the pundits who follow along are turning to those social issues. Boy, I hope we don't end up shooting ourselves in the foot on this one.

    It's a beautiful sunny day here in TN so even though it's Hendrix I couldn't get into today's song, but like Uncle Skip I did like that sax in the beginning.

    I knew something was going on with WV here and on other blogs; I thought mebbe the Gooble had run out of wv nonsense words. This works okay for me.

    I've been keeping an eye on the Preds and they have been doing pretty well lately, and they're 57-33-18 overall, which ain't too shabby. But the Wings are hot too, so it should be a great game.

  3. The GOP or Stupid Party fell for the Obama tactics. The social issue was brought up because of the dictatorial move by Obama to step on the Constitution yet again with the "contraceptives" dictate.

    I'm placing my vote on the Ham Sandwich.

  4. I had to respond just to see if your WV was truly gone. The last time I tried to comment I went through 3 WV tries and thought I might never be able to comment again.

    Sad, I will miss the amusing WV's. Speaking of fixing stuff that ain't broke.....why does solving a problem turn into a bigger problem than the original problem???

  5. I agree it’s a diversion from the most important - the economy. Which, by the way, is the goal of the administration.

    But the two are linked, and the candidates should talk about that. For instance, the economy went in the crapper because of a social issue - fair housing, a social engineering, liberal piece of bullcrap.

    It’s easy to link other issues like Obamcare and it’s effect on business, as well as welfare/dependency programs and it‘s cost, education and public unions effect on state coffers, etc.

    It’s all linked, just point it out. Plus demonstrate the cause and effect of these to our personal liberties, i.e. food police in our schools, Michelle Obama’s fat ass…that has nothing to with anything, I just felt like throwing that in Alinsky style…like contraceptive debate and the evil Right wanting their womenfolk to be kept barefoot and pregnant.

    Plus, it’s still early, it’s primary season, there will be plenty of time to hammer ( a third grader could to it) the One about his disastrous handling of our economy. The candidates are trying to point out differences between each other and which sometimes is nothing more than nuances and that is sometimes boring and unfocused relative to more important and pertinent topical subjects.

    Man, haven’t heard that song on a LONG time…love that sax.

  6. While I do agree that the economy should be the primary focus, the latest Obama-power-grab is egregious in its deeper meaning.

    If the government can claim superiority over a person's Constitutionally-guaranteed right to religious beliefs, what right that we count on today will be stripped away from us tomorrow.

    It is an important dialog to have however it shouldn't be the only one.

    As for WV, I know you've had major problems over at my place and I do want to just ditch the feature. However I get an inordinate amount of spam and it's the only thing that holds it at bay. I was going to change providers but I know the spam-thing is a problem across the board.

  7. Skip: That sax intro IS smokin', ain't it? I've been told by more than a few people that Blogger's spam catcher is good enough that 99% of the spam is trapped and never sees the light o' day. I HOPE that's the case.

    Dan: I think you're correct, based upon what I've seen and read about Santorum. I do NOT like the way he voted on a range of issues when he was in the Senate and I consider him to be just another opportunistic pol.

    I'm glad your WX is good today!

    Old Goat: I could use a ham sammitch right now.

    Red: Yeah, the "new" WV drives me up the wall, which is why I killed it.

    Small Tee: Michelle's fat ass is NOT beside the point. She's a BIG part o' the problem.

    I agree with you that the main issue with the GOP is the fact it's primary season, but there's a LOT o' shit bein' said that will turn into Democrat soundbites during the general campaign. That sucks.

    Kris: Blogger's new WV is the EXACT same thang I was bitchin' about with your provider. Which is why I killed it at EIP.

  8. I wonder if the Preds are going to be dressing Hal Gill against your boys tonight. That's a hell of a defense Nashville has put together.

  9. Well... hindsight bein' 20-20... No. But yeah, Nashville made an astute trade there. I'm thinkin' Trotz would've liked to have had Gill on the blue line during the last 15 seconds of last night's game.


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