Thursday, February 02, 2012

Just TOO Freakin' Cool

By way o' explanation:
On December 21st 2011, Les Amigos and The Toronto Generals were ready to play their weekly hockey game when Budweiser transformed a regularly scheduled match into an epic high-energy spectacle complete with screaming fans, play-by-play announcers, and even a Budweiser-branded Zamboni!
The catch? This epic moment was captured on film and will be featured as Budweiser’s Canadian Super Bowl XLVI commercial.
Hell, I might even buy a Bud at the bar this week just to express my gratitude for a job well done.  Well, mebbe a Michelob.  Same difference, right?

h/t to the Usual Hockey Source.


  1. This made my day. Great Video. The expression on those players faces when the crowd came roaring in was something to see.

  2. Okay, I want to go to a hockey game.

  3. I heard about this on the radio this morning on my way to physio. Thanks for putting it up Buck.

  4. Beyond cool. Beyond awesome. It's what I've imagined inside of my head almost every time I've ever played any sport - hockey, baseball, softball, anything. The closest I ever came to that experience was while I played in various bands during the 70's and 80's, but never came anywhere close to it in sports. Just totally freakin' wonderful for those players!

  5. Thanks, all y'all. Glad ya liked it.


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