Tuesday, February 07, 2012

"I Can't Sing, I Ain't Pretty, and My Legs Are Thin"

So sez Peter Green...

I'm in the same boat.  And you can add the weather's turned cold, my muse has decamped to parts unknown, and I got nuthin'.

Yeah, it's cold.  But it ain't THIS cold:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Damn Part II, or Worse Than I Thought

I didn't go out yesterday.  There was no need as I was stocked up on all the important stuff and it was just too damned cold out, anyhoo.  But I did order a pizza last evening.   As I was taking delivery I happened to look down, upon which time I scared the livin' Hell out of the pizza guy with my very emphatic and menacing "FUCK!" exclamation.  He stepped back a bit, still clutching the pizza box and looked at me with a wide-eyed "fight or flight" expression, the best I've seen lately.  "It's not YOU," sez I... "it's THAT!"  And this is what I saw:

It looks for all the world like I have a busted water line and it looks pretty bad, don't it?  So, whereas I THOUGHT our freeze-up yesterday morning was my fault for not leaving the tap running, it wasn't.  It was something one whole helluva lot worse.

Andy the RV Doctor will be dropping by for a house call tomorrow, once it warms up and we can see exactly where and how bad the break is.  

Sigh.  It's always SUMTHIN'.
We're coming up on the one-year anniversary of the event (above) that prompted me to move into our current digs and are slightly past the one-year anniversary of my four day sojourn to the HIE to escape four days of sub-zero cold.  So life ain't really all THAT bad.


  1. Holy McCrap! It's been a year?!

    No wonder I feel old.

  2. Didja see this over on Shoebox?

    "In a new study, 75 percent of married women call sex “very important.” In a related study, 25 percent of married men report being “kind’a bummed.”

    v-word = mizestic

  3. We worked out in the barn last night - back forth to the house. I had the thought that although it was cold, it was not too bad. My kind of winter!

  4. I remember this post from last year and it's good to read it again on a fairly warm sunshiny day here in TN. My old Pappy Mack used to say, "don't say nothin' bad 'bout the weather cause it can always get worse." Like you, I'm enjoying these balmy days while we've got 'em.

    As for your missing muse, I believe that was her I saw in Tootsie's bar on lower Broad last night with some tough looking guys wearing PMLF tee shirts. Naw. Couldn't a been her.

  5. It's been a year?!

    Yup. Time flies when you're havin' fun. And even when you're not.

    Ivan: Yeah, I saw that and thought about riffin' on it. But I've been "kind'a bummed" for about 12 years now, so I'm used to the feelin'.

    Lou: Yeah, I'll take this winter over last ANYtime.

    As for your missing muse, I believe that was her I saw in Tootsie's bar on lower Broad last night...

    Those bastards!! Drink all my beer, smoke half my cigars, terrorize me for 36 hours, and then run away with my muse, too!?! She's a fickle bitch... so it's as much her fault as theirs. I should know these thangs by now. (sigh)

  6. Snowy icy sleet outside right this minute. F***!

    Glad you are in a safer place, weather-wise, this year.

  7. Heh! Buck, some of your more insightful posts involved frozen water at LaHacienda.

    And, Andy the RV repair guy. Good times.


    Glad you're where you are. Now, I don't worry about you nearly as much.

  8. One year - my oh my. I for one am glad for that experience last year as it put you in a much safer - and warmer - place.

    I believe that one year ago aroud here we were still digging out from the epic snowfalls of the preceding month. If memory serves me, we still had a 6 foot tall pile of snow at the end of our driveway from all the plowing that needed to be done.

    I'm not commenting on this year at all. I don't want to tempt the weather gods.

  9. Red: I feel for ya. We had "some chance" of snow down this way that hasn't materialized. Yet.

    Andy: You worry about me? Really? How sweet. ;-)

    Kris: You know what the margarine folks used to say: "Don't f*ck with Mother Nature." Or sumthin' like that.

  10. "Don't f*ck with Mother Nature." Or sumthin' like that.


  11. Geez, I remember that. That had to be truly hideous. I'm glad you're someplace where you don't have to worry about such a thing.

  12. Made me cold just looking at your pictures from last year.

  13. Last winter was the coldest winter I'd experienced in 20 years, Paula. It REALLY sucked.

  14. I was soooo worried about you last year! This year, I can look forward to good stuff instead of worrying!

  15. Et tu, Moogie? I had no ideer I created worry in people (other than my kids).

  16. Hi, I'd like to know if I can use the image of the ice under the RV illustrate the reason for winterizing.

    1. Use away, Barry. Just credit me when you do.

    2. THANKS BUCK!! I'll credit you as the source. Much appreciated!

  17. Just in follow up to my previous request, please don't post my email address in your blog. I don't want to be deluged with a mountain of spam emails because it was posted here for address seeking bots to find. ~ Thank you!

  18. That's a helluva way to say, "Thanks, Buck!"

    Look, while we're at it, Buck, I don't want you posting my e-mail address on your blog, neither, dammit!!!

    Just sayin'... ;)

  19. Thanks Buck. I appreciate your generosity.

    Have you a larger (higher) resolution version of the image?

    1. I do, but you'll have to send me your e-mail addy again, coz I deleted yer comment with yer address.


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