Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hockey Day In America

Which is actually a part of Hockey Weekend In America, a celebration of hockey put on by USA Hockey.  Speakin' o' USA Hockey... here are some of their people, right now!

I wonder how that Avs jersey got in there?  That was just an aside...

As for the post title, Hockey DAY In America is something of an NBC marketing program, wherein NBC runs several hockey games today... beginning with either the Wings - Sharks or the Flightless Birds - Sabres or the Blues - Blackhawks... all o' which are scheduled to begin at at 1230 hrs EST.  That last bit scares me, coz it means NBC will be running REGIONAL coverage and I might not get to watch the Wings game, which will tend to make me wanna break thangs and hurt people.  Teevee people whose middle name begins with a "B," specifically.

But!  My point, Gentle Reader, is there's lotsa hockey to be had today, accessible to all.  So this message is directed to YOU, unless your name is Buck (as in SN1), Dan, Glenn, or Seattle Andy, who, as hockey fans, prolly know all about HDIA.  Watch a game!

Drop the puck!  And LGRW, of course.


  1. Thanks for the vid, Buck. And hey, I really like those LaBatt Blue Jerseys I saw near the end. The Preds play the Stars at 6 today in Dallas; we're 0-2-0 against them so far.

  2. I wonder how that Avs jersey got in there?

    And aren't you just the funniest sonofabitch on the innerwebs!

    HWAA kind of snuck up on me this year, so I forgot to wear anything hockey related to work on Friday. Kind of a bummer, but no big loss, because if this new arena thing keeps going in a positive direction here in Seattle, I'll have plenty of chances to be a hockey fan in public. I could be plenty happy having the 'Yotes home rink less than 5 miles from my house.

  3. Dan: I think the Preds will handle the Stars, easily. But ya never know.

    Andy: Heh... I AM pretty good wit Teh Funny, eh? The Yotes in Seattle would be a great good thang, to my mind. But you'd still be an Avs fan, right?


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