Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heh - Pedantic Grammarian Edition

Stolen from the Shoebox blog:

Don't laugh.  You have NO ideer how many times I've seen this since I started reading blogs.  And don't get me started on apostrophes.  Just don't.


  1. I think you mean apostrophe's.

    Your welcome.

  2. Amen, Buck. And I love the cartoon.

    Sorry Andy, that would be "you're welcome." :-)

  3. Putting aside the stated grammatical error, (since I’m not about to cast the first stone) I’m slightly confused about the often used, and I believe incorrect term - “desert island”.

    How can an island, a piece of land surrounded by water, be in the desert, an arid land void of water. Seems like an oxymoron. (That being, of course, an unintelligent ox.)

    The correct term is “desertED island”, no?

  4. So for some unknown reason I Googled Valentines (without the apostrophe) Day, clicked the images tab, and what's the second image that appears?
    The EIP hisself's cartoon from last year. Don't bother to look now (on Google) 'cause it's buried

    Funny how some things don't change and others change before your eyes

  5. Small Tee: I think either would be correct. There ARE barren islands in the sea, with no water other than rainfall, no?

    Ivan: We can split hairs here if you'd like. There's a required apostrophe if you're talking about St. Valentine's day. If you're talking about the habit of passing out cheesy Hallmark cards, it would be Valentines Day. No? I've used both conventions in the past.

  6. I'm talkin' about typing into the Google search box. It seems Google doesn't care?

  7. BTW - Pedantic Grammarian Edition WBAGNFARB

    V-word = catubry pirated chocolate Easter eggs?

  8. I googled "valentines or valentine's" and got appropriate results, so mebbe they DO care. And they SHOULD care... coz today is a caring kinda day.

    Or Engrish chocolate eggs. ;-)

  9. I'm with small-tee. I've always said "deserted." Not necessarily for the reasons you give, tim, but because 100 time out of 100, the implication is that it is an island WITH NOBODY ELSE ON IT.

    Dan - Not sure which one of us needs to adjust the old sarcasm meter, so I'll go ahead and fix mine. Its usually me. You can adjust you'res, to, though. And anyone else who needs too can also adjust there's.

  10. Andy, I apologize. It was a knee jerk old teacher reaction. BTW, my sarcasm meter is plumb busted. And so is my SD, Sarcasm Detector. And, its always danged embarrassing when my Apostrophe Corrector gets it's gears all jammed up. SeewhutImean?

    Buck, one more note on this fun subject. The Harbrace College Handbook (which I dutifully carried around with me like a preacher carries a Bible during my career) indicates that issues with apostrophes, commas, periods, and other marks, are categorized under the heading "Punctuation." Proper placement of apostrophes, commas, etc. is certainly important in written communication, but these are not, technically, grammar issues.

    That's only "technically." I and the teachers I worked with frequently used the term grammar in reference to such issues.

    The biblical reference reminded me that like a lot of preachers, I've had and still have my own problems with the rules, in this case, with mechanics and grammar. There were others in our department who had a far better command of these rules than I. Guess that's why I kept the book with me all the time!

    Glad I'm retired and don't have to fight these wars anymore.

    Sorry I wrote so danged much.

  11. Personally, I think peoples who use apostrophe's are loosers.

  12. Pummeling the dead horse time…Even Wikipedia blurs the line between “desert” and “deserted” -

    “A desert island or uninhabited island is an island that has yet to be (or is not currently) populated by humans. Uninhabited islands are often…”


    Nothing to do with water or yearly rain amount as what constitutes a desert.

    Hell, look at what a search of desert pics turns up, islands with plenty of foliage AND inhabited by ONE person, hence the phrase.


    Therefore, I’m sticking to what Andy spoke of, it’s “deserted”, as in no one there.

    I think the confusion is the term De -Sert, that being to abandon. But you can’t say DeeSert Island unless your talking about leaving it. “Hey buck, let’s desert this island” Even that doesn’t sound right.

    OK, gott’a go and wash the horse blood off myself.

  13. Guess that's why I kept the book with me all the time!

    I once held the additional duty of Public Affairs Officer (I suppose that should be PA NCO) for my unit in England. I was issued a copy of the AP's Style Book when I assumed that duty and that became MY Bible. I still have it, to this day, and it got a lot o' use in my third or fourth (brief) career as a technical writer. That and the Chicago Manual of Style.

    An interesting side note... a woman who was once near and dear to me has her BA in Modern Languages and TWO MA's in English. Rumor has it she's working on her PhD in English. Can the woman write and/or spell? Not only no, but HELL no. She needs to carry a book around, too.

    Jim: Yeah, and I HATE loosers.

  14. Small Tee: Interesting, that Wiki thang. I've always said "desert island." And, apropos of nothing, there used to be a program on the Beeb called "Desert Island Discs," where some celeb would sit side-by-side with the host and play his or her favorite tunes... records they would take to a desert island.

  15. What do I know? For years I thought it was chester drawers. But if the day belongs to St. Valentine, it would be apostrophe s.

  16. Ivan, the EIP thing showing up high on your results is a new Goobleistic deal. They've started giving you results from your contacts at the top of the page. Buck's joint shows up high on all of my GoobleSearches, too.

    Not to burst Buck's bubble or anything...

    The 'toon is spot on! It is a "dessert" island. Isnt it? I mean, its got chocolate syrup's & a cherry, do'nt it?

    Maybe not.

    Good toon'!

    BTW, whood have thunk that a cartoon couldv'e got 17 commentories'?


  17. Love the cartoon, I've made that mistake myself... 15 albums I'd take to a dessert island...

    Google doesn't pay any attention to any punctuation at all. If you got a "keyword" from an SEO site, you might find something like "love valentines day". You could work that phrase into a blog post as "do you love Valentine's Day?" Or, "For those of you in love: Valentine's day!" or hell... "love,..,.;:Va'lin..tine's! Day.

  18. Apparently, blogger ate my comment and I have no idea what I said now. Sorry!

  19. Their are just so many weighs for people to screw up they're grammar. . .

  20. Not to burst Buck's bubble or anything...

    Heh. I'm bubble-free at the moment, so you can't burst what ain't there.

    Matt: Interesting about google and punctuation.

    Moogie: Blogger has been bein' a snot lately.

    Craig: Heh.

  21. @Craig - Nyuk! (Bitchin' posting photo, too...)


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