Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Apropos o' Nuthin'

This, from Wunderground:
Speed / Dir
41.4 mph from West
Wind Gust
57.5 mph
There are waves in the water in my toilet bowls, and I shit thee NOT.  It's not nice outdoors. 


  1. Batten down the hatches, Mate!

  2. Nyuk...

    I wrote about four pithy responses to that, but at second look, all four sucked.

    So, "Nyuk" will have to do.

  3. Your ill wind blew in here last night - made for a difficult trip home from upholstery class. We did get a touch of rain out of weird weather.

  4. Dan: We did. We survived. ;-)

    Andy: Iwas a lil too pithy with this post. I should have mentioned the waves in the toilet bowls were coz of air pressure variations caused by the wind. Both my baths have external vents for the bathroom fans and the flappers on those vents were creating quite a racket yesterday.

    Lou: Yeah, you can usually get a good eight-hour forecast from me! ;-)


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