Friday, February 17, 2012


DETROIT -- The streak is alive -- and the Detroit Red Wings have three of their best players to thank for it.

Pavel Datsyuk
broke a 1-1 tie by scoring with just 5.8 seconds left in regulation to give the Wings a 2-1 victory against the Nashville Predators on Friday night, extending their NHL-record home winning streak to 22 games.

With overtime looming,
Nicklas Lidstrom controlled a bouncing puck in the neutral zone and backhanded a pass to Henrik Zetterberg, whose no-look pass caught Datsyuk in stride just as he hit the Nashville blue line.

Datsyuk took over from there, stickhandling around defenseman
Ryan Suter before wristing a 15-footer over the left shoulder of goalie Pekka Rinne (29 saves) for his 16th goal -- sending the crowd into hysterics.
The crowd in P-Ville and Leavenworth went into hysterics, too.  There are very few things in life more exciting than a late, late, LATE third period game-winning goal.  My neighbors... or anyone passing in the street at that exact moment... might have thought there was a murder goin' on inside El Casa Inm├│vil de Pennington.  It was THAT loud.  Yes, it was.  But that was nuthin' compared to bein' inside The Joe.  Witness (and note the clock at upper left):

Beauty, eh?


  1. Curses! Foiled again. Hope the Wings get the multi-season streak thing too. But watch out for us in the playoffs.

  2. Now, that WAS exciting. 22 in a row at home? Really?

    I haven't been following it, but that is VERY tough to do in any sport (especially at the professional, not as much).


  3. Would have been ironic (in my mind)to have TBW's home losses bracketed by a loss to my Flames and Dan's Preds. No? Tis a wonderful thang though Buck. How many more you think they can pull off?

  4. Dan: Your Preds are always tough. I'm thinkin' the playoffs will be very interesting this year.

    Andy: I was curious so I went to The Wiki. The Wings have a looong way to go to break the '71-'72 Lakers' 33 game home winning streak, not so far to break the 1911 (baseball) Giants streak of 26, and we've beaten the 2003 Patriots' streak of 21 games. I don't think we have the proverbial snowball's chance of beating the Lakers but the Giants' streak is within the realm o' possibility, if not probability.

    Deb: A loss last night would have been ironic from a Blog-Buds perspective. The Wings next two home opponents... Sharks and Canucks... will be tough. But then again, EVERY game is tough these days.


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