Friday, January 27, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack


Oh Cindy ain't you noticed 
that several of your friends have moved on
And the street outside is just a little too quiet
And your local paper's run out of news
I'm not persuading you or disengaging you
But Cindy you and me we've got to move
Faces weren't a band of any great significance but they WERE one of the best party bands, evah.  Loose, mebbe much too loose, but as I said: one for the Good Times.  I think Rod Stewart's gigs with Faces were his finest hour (outside of "Every Picture Tells a Story")... they beat the shit outta that "Great American Songbook" krep.  IMHO.

And yeah... we've run outta news.  Didja notice?


  1. Buck, Sir Rod is an interesting cat. Pam hated the very sight of him in the way back. Now, she thinks he's one of the bestest ever.

    Funny how time (and if of the listener, or the performer) can change opinions.

    Yeah...I'm out of news, too. Just boring old "trying to make it to tomorrow" junk.

    Heh! WV "ockers" Dammit! At least The Globber could have put an "R" on the front. Dammit!

  2. It's All Too Beautiful28 January, 2012 00:01

    I could never quite get into his voice.

    The best Small Faces (on the other hand) record for me, was Itchycoo Park, but that was only because everything else they did sucked.

    Clearly a song designed for AM radio, but interesting to sit in the Desoto with your girlfriend and try to decode the lyrics.

    I mean, I never got anything other than the getting high part of the song...

    The first time I heard the song was in a hot dog diner where I could buy a hot dog, a pack of cigarettes, and next door a gallon of gas, all for a dollar.

    God bless nostalgia...

  3. Andy: Yer Missus and I have flipped... I lost interest in Stewart a few years back. But yer right: time and age does change perception.

    All: Faces and Small Faces: two different animals, although the groups shared three members. Nothing else was much the same. I agree with ya about SF, tho... the only tune I remember from them is Itchycoo Park. And I loves me some nostalgia. ;-)

  4. I'll cheerfully out myself as a huge Small Faces fan. "Ogden's Nut Gone Flake" is my favorite record of theirs.

  5. I was overseas when SF got a lot of airplay, Barry... which is prolly why I don't remember them much.


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