Sunday, January 22, 2012

Public Service

I may have piqued your interest in hockey, what with all my scribblings, rants, moans, groans, and magnificent videos of beautiful goals and bloody fights over the past six and a half years.  If I have stimulated your curiosity... and if you're not interested in following the Beloved Wings (you twisted, misguided, and wholly uninformed soul, you)... then here's just the thing for you: a handy flowchart titled "Which NHL team should I root for?"

Click to embiggen

"Because we always win!"  Heh.  (Note:  Purists and other pickers o' nits will note this flowchart is out o' date, what with the inclusion of the Atlanta Thrashers now Winnipeg Jets.  But the attached legend is close enough.)

h/t: A tweet by ("I'm determined to make everyone an NHL fan," sez she), re-tweeted by GeorgeMalik.


  1. That flow chart is about as easy to follow as the puck on a power play

  2. Linearity was sacrificed for the ability to place the chart on a single page, no? But it IS easy to follow once ya get the hang of it. And enlarge it, of course.


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