Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This 'toon is obviously aimed at the Geriatric Set...

I'm not sure if anyone but us geezers geddit, mainly coz we're talkin' about a cultural reference from 1953.  1953!  But I could be wrong.

On sort of the same note... Ann Coulter was on Red Eye last night and she lost it a couple o' times on the subject of Newt.  I always thought that woman was a bit of a nut case... now I'm convinced she's nuts.  I understand being supportive of your candidate (she's a Romney fan) but bein' batshit crazy, to the point of shrieking, yelling, and constantly interrupting someone who might not think the way you do, is over the top.  Which is the problem with zealots, on the left or on the right.  Neither flavor works for me.

Coulter really worked Fox a lot yesterday.  I looked for the Red Eye clip and couldn't find it... but this is close:



  1. Yup, 1953

    If I was Marlon Brando's estate, I'd call the Hammer

  2. I don't honestly know which group is worse. There are the Paulbots who seem to troll everywhere Ron Paul has the slightest mention and plaster "Rom Paul 2012 the only one who lives by the Constitution". There are the Romneybots who are typically in charge of putting up the headline posts on blogs, like Powerline or some such, who whine and cry about Newt attacking Mitt, and then they go on the offensive and post childish garbage that you would expect from the Daily Kos.

    I am not a fan of Romney, he just seems too much like McCain and W. to be what this country needs, but if he gets the nomination I'd vote for him over Obummer.

    I am not a big fan of Newt either, but do enjoy hearing him talk conservative notions far better than any of the others. Baggage is there big time, but we need big ideas, and Newt did have a good run till he imploded.

    I am not a big fan of Santorum as I just don't think he is going to appeal to enough voters to over come the dead voting for Obama.

    Paul just seems to come as unhinged as Colter does at times, when he goes off, it is full bore damn the torpedoes time. Plus, other than the Paulbots, he never gains any traction.

    What the Mittens group needs to come to grips with is the voters are not all that high on Romney. It seems there is his groupies from the 5 plus years he has been lusting after being a president, and there the bar sticks.

    Maybe the Republicans (I really am starting to think they ARE the stupid party) should just go for broke and run a Ham sandwich against the current occupant. Sure he'd be an empty suit, but at least we wouldn't have to worry about any new laws being enacted.

  3. Skip: I hear ya.

    Moogie: Me too.

    OG36: I tend to agree with your comment about the GOP bein' the Party o' Stupid. It sure looks a lot like that.

  4. I'll have you know, all the best movies were made in 1954. Go count them. The shit they panhandle today is no match for real actors, with real talent.

    Still though, my favorite movie ever was Baby Doll in 1956 with Caroll Baker. If you watch her, go take a look at Debbie Harry, and you will be startled by the similarities of their facial antics. They move their mouths in the same way (not normal), hee.

    Only I would notice these things, but when I first saw a Blondie concert on the BBC while passing through Mildenhall (77 I think), I went "holy shit".


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