Sunday, January 22, 2012

Humor From the Humidor

I was gonna make this post another in our "Broadening" series but we've pretty much reserved that title for beer.  Yeah, cigars ARE included in those posts from time to time, but we're mostly on about the beer here (or there).  Today we're drinking more of the same...which this week is sumthin' from those oh-so-delicious Sammy Adams Winter Seasonal 12-packs... but we're smokin' sumthin' quite different.  One o' these:

That would be a Kinky Friedman Texas Jewboy.  No, really.  Look:

It's a damned fine cigar when ya get right down to it... and I'm about one-third of the way down to it (the end of it).  There's jes one small lil drawback, however.  From the linked review:
Overall: For a cigar that started as a gimmick and a prop for my sense of humor it turned out to be a pretty good cigar. The only thing that bothers me is the price. At 10.00 a stick it is a lot of gelt (Yiddish for money) to be handing over for a cigar. At that price point there are other cigars I rather smoke, but it was nice to have Kinky over for the holiday and he won’t be a stranger to my humidor.
Yeah, what he said.  I don't think I'll buying Kinkys by the box anytime soon, but I will keep my eye out for samplers that include one of his cigars... which is how I came by this one.


  1. I wonder was it would cost if it wasn't "Kinky?" ;-)

  2. Lord hep us all.

    "Kinky Friedman Texas Jew Boy" cigars!


    Good Lord, I love that guy! Told The Mrs. about this post, and she spewed diet sprite.

    Lord hep us all..

    Heh! WV: buzzmcal (One could go many directions with that one).

  3. A Kinky cigar - that is pretty funny.

  4. Oh my gosh -- best cigar band ever!

    A picture of Kinky, Texas bluebonnets, and a coyote. I love it.

  5. Skip: That's a great question/musing. Kinky is RIGHT proud o' his cigars.

    Andy: Kinky got my vote for gub'nor when he ran. And when I was still a Texan.

    Lou: Yup!

    Red: I thought the bands were pretty cool, too.


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