Thursday, December 22, 2011


So, there I was...eating dinner around 1715 hrs and there's a knock on the door.  I open the door and there's my friendly UPS guy, asking me to sign for my spiffy new hard drive.  About which:

That lil blue thang is the new drive, which has two and a half times the capacity of the old drive (500 GB vs. 200 GB) at half the cost, in a package that is literally a fraction of the old drive's size.  It's USB powered, too, so there will be one less unsightly power cord hangin' off the box once I retire the old drive.  Granted, the old drive is over four years old and the techies NEVER stand still.  Still and even: impressive.  I technology.


  1. UPS guy has often "made my day."

    I love those guys.

    It is impressive how rapidly 'puter junk is advancing. I'm gonna have to have a new box pretty soon, and a couple of years ago I dreaded the thought.

    Not so, now.

  2. I love technology too, but it makes me a bit crazy - like buying something new only to have it outdated before it is worn out.

  3. I am always amazed at how technology continues to downsize. It is a wonderful thing to witness.

  4. Buck, you should be really happy this guy didn't make the delivery.

  5. That little thing hardly looks big enough to put the logo on it.

    v-word = unmoo hmmmm... not from Gateway?

  6. ...a couple of years ago I dreaded the thought.

    I always dread the thought for the pain and sufferin' that's in it. But my attitude changes after all the grunt work is done. I LIKE my new box!

    Lou: Bein' outdated doesn't bother me much, but havin' stuff break before its time REALLY pisses me off.

    Kris: Yup!

    Skip: I can't believe the dude DID that!

    Ivan: The drive is very small... I'm still amazed.

  7. Maybe my fear is buying something for big bucks, and then having the price drop drastically as things become the norm. Like the Kindle.

    VW: canst - canstand it.

  8. I have a great good friend (a VP at my old company) who went YEARS without a home PC... unusual for a guy in the IT Biz. When he was asked why he always said "the prices will come down in another six months and the stuff we have now will be obsolete." Five or six years later (really. THAT long.) his wife put her foot down and told him in no uncertain terms: "Buy me a PC and buy it NOW." We all laughed...

    But... I hear ya. I want a Kindle Fire but am not willing to shell out 200 bucks for one right now.


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