Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pretty Cool

"Our Way of Life"

Well... yeah.  There's one very brief overhead view of an arena in this vid where 20,000 people rise to their feet as one, arms in the air, cheering, after a goal is scored.  I've been there and seen... done... that and there's damned few sights in life that compare to that spontaneous spectacle.  There are times when I sure do miss Detroit and The Joe.

h/t:  The Usual Hockey Source.


  1. If you were not a hockey fan, that video would certainly make you want to be one.

  2. Just flat out awesome. I'm taking it.

  3. Lou: This vid is one of the better hockey videos I've seen. Hockey Night in Canada on the CBC does some good ones (and I post 'em) but THIS one covers all the bases. To mix my metaphors.

    Andy: Thank ya, sir. Didja see the crying Avs fan? ;-)

  4. Really thought you were too classy to mention that.

    I kid. When I saw it I thought "Had to be an Avs fan. Curses!"

  5. Really thought you were too classy to mention that.

    Well, I'll point ya to this post (which you read these two-plus years ago), if only for the schadenfreude that's innit. ;-)

  6. Could feel the emotion in the video.
    Thanks Buck!


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