Monday, November 28, 2011

Today's GOML Moment

I don't do Black Friday or Cyber Monday but that doesn't stop the mercenary sons o' bitches in this fine land from doin' ME.  Witness:

It seems like EVERY organization I've ever bought anything from, no matter HOW long ago it was, remembers me and is inundating me with offers I can't refuse.  Except that I CAN... refuse.  You'll note that only two of those messages were read before being deleted, and both were read out o' curiosity more than anything else.  Except for's message, given we hardly ever refuse a deal from those guys.

Bottom line:  Get the HELL Off My Lawn and outta my in-box!


  1. I find that this year has been far worse than prior years with the number of emails I'm getting.

    Some of these vendors have sent between 10 and 15 over the last couple of days, never mind the usual amount they send about every other day.

    Funny, but I'm like you when it comes to these ads, dump them quick without bothering to read them. Even ones I might have looked at I can't be bothered with due to the over abundance of them that keep going out.

  2. I attempted to download my email on my iPhone this morning; it wouldn't do it and I'm sure this is why. When I get home I should probably fire up the iMac before dinner - so they'll all be done by the time I finish eating.

  3. I've been using the delete button before reading quite a bit myself.

  4. Dontcha wish we could use that delete button on much of the federal budget!

  5. Dapper Dan has a point.

    I don't do Black Friday or much Cyber Monday either, and my Inbox looks the same. My favorites are the multiple "Christmas is coming - buy your Viagra on sale now!" emails. I guess I know what all you guys want for Christmas, heh.

  6. Anon: My traffic has gone up a lot compared to previous years, as well.

    Kris: You must get a LOT of this stuff if ya think it'll take that long to load!

    Lou: The delete button is my favorite out o' all the buttons in my life. Well, I kinda like the "hot" button, too.

    Dan: Yup!!

    Red: Us guys are pretty easy in the gifting department. At least I was. ;-)

  7. I believe the GOML button you are looking for is the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of each and every one of those emails (except spam). You'll never hear from them again.

    Of course, when you order something online and you neglect to uncheck the box that says "send me email offers by the thousands, please," then you are asking for it.

    So Get Off My Lawn!

  8. Of course, when you order something online and you neglect to uncheck the box that says "send me email offers by the thousands, please," then you are asking for it.

    The default these days is to check the block that sez "send me offers," otherwise it's blank. Some sites haven't changed over, but most have. And for the record: Amazon is the ONLY inter-tubes vendor from whom I want marketing messages. I've NEVER checked the box that sez "spam me" anywhere else.

    So get off MY lawn.

  9. Well, I don't know what you and I are doing different, because I do a lot of online commerce meself, and I only get maybe 2 or 3 emails like that a week. There's been no uptick for the holiday season, either. I guess I'm just charmed like that.

  10. You should open a Charm School, Andy, because I'm in the same boat as most everyone here. Learn us the secrets!


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