Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Plus Ça Change, La Deuxième Partie

We got off the dime and ran our errands today, thanks in no small part to the Virtual Nagging™ kindly provided by Occasional Readers Lou and Kris and even though we slept in until about the same hour as yesterday, which is to say well on the south side of the ten o'clock hour.  But the errands couldn't really be put off another day, for the food supply was perilously low and we needed to fill a prescription out at the Cannon Airplane Patch pharmacy.  So, we went.  Mission Accomplished, and all that.

We also stopped by the Class VI store and re-stocked the beer supply even though said supply was good enough to last another three or four days, at least.  The seasonal winter brews have hit the market and we picked up a couple o' sixers, to wit: Sammy Adams Winter lager and Blue Moon's Winter seasonal offering... Winter Abbey Ale.  I expected the beer snobs at BA to hate on the Winter Abbey Ale (coz it's from Coors, perish the thought), and some did.  But the overall consensus opinion is a C+, which ain't all THAT bad.  And the beer geeks rate the Sammy Adams a solid "B," so that's good news; that and the fact we've had pleasant experiences with this beer in the past.  That said, the beer was too warm for today's Happy Hour but we're looking forward to sampling one of each tomorrow afternoon.  Everyone needs a goal in life...


  1. I have always found it a bit presumptuous for folks to grade things like food, wine, and beer. Either we like something enough to purchase it again, or we don't. Lord knows in my day I've tasted stuff, others have given high marks, that I would consider swill... and vice versa

  2. I take things like beer reviews with a grain o' salt on an individual basis but I think the collective sense of people who really like something... like beer, wine, cigars, restaurants, etc.... is instructive. What tends to get my goat is the language and metaphors critics tend to use. I don't think I ever tasted chocolate in my beer or my cigars; they taste like beer and cigars to me.

  3. I never realized there was an oak taste to some wines until someone pointed it out to me. Interesting. I like Blue Moon - so this looks good to me.

  4. Re' the nagging - if you need said thing on a daily basis I could happily oblige with an early AM email.

    Just trying to do my part to make your happy hour years fruitful and fulfilling.

  5. Lou: The Blue Moon Abbey Ale is quite good, now that I've had a chance to sample it.

    Kris: I see a bid'niz opportunity here; there are countless single men who seriously need nagging. I could be your agent.


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