Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Meme

There's no accounting for how these things start...

... but Fenton is sweeping the inner-tubes, especially in the UK.  From the Guardian:
Somewhere – probably in south-west London – lies a dog that this week took its rightful place in the Unofficial List of Famous Labradors.
The 47-second video of Fenton (Benton?) chasing deer across Richmond Park has now been viewed more than 1.5m times – And here's the man who shot the original video talking to Absolute Radio's Christian O'Connell. And then there are the mashups. Oh, the mashups!
From Alan Partridge to Alien, countless YouTube creations keep coming. 
And here's one such: 

There's more at the Guardian's PDA page.


  1. That one works because it needs no set up or explanation, it's short... and the dialog is priceless.

  2. Dave: Coz they're fun!

    Skip: Yup, short and to the point. The way things SHOULD be.

  3. I was standing at a rodeo visiting with friends holding my little rat terrier on a leash during the roping event. When the chute opened and the steer took off across the arena, so did my rat terrier. My dog chased the steer all the way across the arena. The cowboy missed his throw. The announcer said, "Somebodies little paint dog is loose." I was mortified.

  4. I like the two that you chose the best, Buck. Really funny. I felt for Fenton's owner - and for you, too, Lou.

  5. Dang right they're funny! Reminds me of the time when we lived across the road from a large animal vet in Bayfield, CO.

    We had this snippy little mutt chi mix that would run across the road, and terrorize horses as they were being unloaded from trailers. Damn near cost many lives, did "Lady."

    When it became evident that we could not control her, I asked the Vet how much he'd charge to put her to sleep. "For you...seeing as you are a neighbor...I'll do it for free."

    And, Lady met her end.

    That really is interesting, though. Some dogs just love to herd up and drive's in their genes. Too many long, happy stories to bore y'all with.

    But, most dogs shy away from homos that play soccer.

    Just sayin'...

  6. I love that man and I love the dog! Though he's lucky the dog didn't drive the Park deer under a car or take a chunk out of any of them. Poor bloke isn't actually all that impressed with the unwarranted fame though. He's being very English about it all. Good for him!

  7. Lou: I would have been mortified, too.

    Bec: Thank ya, Ma'am.

    Some dogs just love to herd up and drive's in their genes.

    Like Border Collies. Go on, ask me how I know; or don't. And you did the right thang with Lady.

    Alison: I gathered as much about Fenton's owner by listening to the brief interview with O'Connell.

  8. I did read that the guy who took the film of Fenton has done a deal with YouTube and has already made thousands out of it. Didn't know you could do that. Anyway, the cynic in me wonders if the whole thing was a set up.

  9. Do you know what sort o' deal was made, BP?

  10. Sorry, buck, no. I just read it in the fish-wrap.


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