Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'm Thankful For...

... my DVR.  Because I can do stuff like this:

That would be PAB, paused.  Yowza.


  1. Maybe I need to start watching the news. Is it just me, Buck, or does it seem that conservative women of the current age are easier on the eyes than their counterparts on the other side of the aisle?

  2. Hurt Me! Hurt Me Bad!

    Yes, yes, indeed, mankind does have things to give thanks for, doesn't it?

  3. Dave: It ain't just you, it's a true fact.

    Virgil: I've had similar words fall from my lips, unbidden and in a hushed voice of awe. That woman's husband has prolly built numerous altars to her... and his great good fortune.

  4. Goodness, Patti must have been so busy getting ready for the holidays that she forgot to put a dress on over that slip that she's wearing.

    Happy Thanksgiving to your eyes, heh.

  5. That "slip" is very loud, and moreso compared to the street clothes the others are wearing.

    All I can say, is she can feed ten kids with those things.

    Side note, I just found out youtube has a lot of videos on breast feeding. I was shocked to find women still feeding their kids at 4 years old. I don't think even cows can do that.

    The human body is just amazing.

  6. Red: Yeah, that "slip" is more like a cocktail dress than street clothes. But I like it. Then again, I suppose I would.

    Moo!: I have a step-sister who breast fed her son until he was at least four, and that was well over 20 years ago. The child was a late-life baby from her third marriage, her daughter from her first marriage had an infant at the time and my step-sister and step-niece would nurse each other's babies. No kidding. My step-brother-in-law (this relationship thang is getting complicated, I hope you're still with me) said he was going to have a bumper sticker made that said "Honk if you've been nursed by (step-sister's name)!"

  7. It's interesting that I only remember to about age 5. Anything before that is completely blank.

    The discussion of whether I was breast fed just never came up, but I think not, as my mother had too many kids, and she would have never had the time. That plus I remember seeing the bottle warmer later on in the cabinet of "cooking equipment no longer used".

    I think that woman was paid to wear that dress, and sit where she sat. The goof-ball next to her is wearing tennis shoes for Christ sake.

    I think maybe this is a good way to stop channel changers in their tracks, and I think that dress and her body would easily foot the bill.

    She's probably got more money in her hair-do, then the rest of the guys do in all their clothes.

    I was thinking of Miss Kitty when I first saw the photo here. She would wear something like that on Matt's day off I'm sure!

    I only dated a woman of this size once, and it was interesting when she was upside down... Meh, I like the sports car body, over these luxury sedans any day.

  8. I think that woman was paid to wear that dress, and sit where she sat.

    You're right. Wimmen who sit in the Red Eye Leg Chair are always dressed provocatively.

    Meh, I like the sports car body, over these luxury sedans any day.

    Heh. "Built for comfort not speed" is MY mantra. Vive la difference!


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