Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Learned Sumthin' Today

Specifically: the capacity limit of my hot water heater, as in don't put a load of laundry in the washer (set on Hot/Warm) and then expect to take a Hollywood shower 15 minutes later.  The effect can be most chilling.  Literally.


  1. Buck, things have changed.

    Times have changed.

    Take it from me (an old Appliance guy), HOT/WARM is a setting from the past that is absolutely unnecessary.

    Everything gets just as clean with COLD/COOL. Detergents, and machines are really built for it nowadays.

    Saves a ton of coins on the utility bill...and avoids the hard nipple thing while in the shower.

    Heh! WV: Short

    I forgot to mention that other thing...

  2. Andy may be right, but I just don't feel certain items of laundry get clean enough without using a hot water wash. I use cold water rinse for every wash; maybe that would give you one more minute of hot water in the shower, Buck. :-)

  3. Every now and then our tankless hot water heater flame goes out - usually when I'm in the shower and not Toby. He gets a big kick out of that.

  4. Andy: OK, I learned sumthin' ELSE. But us geezers are hard to give up old habits. I agree with Red.

    Red: "One more minute" would have been nice.

    Lou: I think that's kinda funny, myself. ;-)

  5. I use the cold/cold on most everything these days. I have a front-load washer and it is what was recommended for the normal washing.

    It does have an incredible sanitary cycle - which I use for all the bedding about one a month (mattress cover, pillow covers, blankets, bedspread). Works incredibly well to keep my allergies down to a minimum.

    Sometimes I wish I could put all the outdoors thru our sanitary cycle.

  6. Hey Buck, our good buddy Paul Mitchell (Two Dogs) installed one of those water distribution systems in his house.

    It's kinda' like a breaker box, but for plumbing. Each faucet has an individual shutoff in the "breaker" panel (hot and cold, too).

    One of his favorite things to do for kicks was to cut his teenage son's hot water off mid-shower.

    Paul is weird like that...but it sure encouraged Junior to leave home quick. Boy is a Corpsman with the squids...

  7. Buck/

    Where is your heater located? A lot of new codes have them outside in garage, etc. If so buy an insulated "heater jacket" for your heater--it really makes a difference in cold wx. Plus it might be worth it to spring for a new, high capacity, better insulated heater--worth the cost in avoided frustration. Galling, I know, but most new apt construction almost ALWAYS puts the el cheapo stuff in--same for garbage disposals, etc.

  8. The water heater is indoors, Virgil, in my utility room. And I ain't about to buy a spiffy state-of-the-art water heater for my landlord!

  9. Cheap Bastard!!--And I mean BOTH you and your landlord! :)

  10. I remember living with 2 teenage daughters who took interminable showers, and getting only the dwindling dregs of hot water whilst I was showering. On more than one occasion I started a load of laundry to exact my revenge while they were showering. I know -- I'm a lousy mother. So sue me.

  11. I know -- I'm a lousy mother. So sue me.

    Heh. I think you should get an award of some sort.


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