Friday, November 18, 2011

How Times Change

Some plane pr0n from the Usual USAF Source...

C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft fly in formation during a training mission near Mount Fuji, Japan, as part of exercise Samurai Surge, Nov. 2, 2011. (Air Force photo by SSgt. Samuel Morse)

and a similar shot from times past:

I much prefer the top photo.  I'm thinkin' the Nihonjin do, too.


We're back to our old habits, kinda-sorta, in that we didn't hit the hay until 0430 hrs this morning and slept in until 1100 hrs.   Part o' the reason is I took a two-hour nap yesterday afternoon, mainly because last night's Wings game was a late one in San Jose.  I prolly shouldn't have bothered because the Wings lost and it wasn't even close, what with a 5-2 final score.  I had high hopes last night, seein' as how the Wings completely dominated the first period when most of the play took place at San Jose's end of the rink.  Alas, the game changed radically in the second period and stayed that way.  I don't feel the loss was due to lack of effort on the Wings part, seein' as how they had 42 shots on goal, compared to the Sharks' 28.  But there are shots and then there are SHOTS... good teams find a way to put the puck in the net.  Good teams also don't cough the puck up and allow the opposition to score on them, almost at will.  The Wings better get it together, and soon... if the playoffs began tomorrow the Wings wouldn't be in it for the first time in 20 years.  That would break my hard little heart.


  1. I like that top photo a lot. I can almost hear Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries playin' in the background.

  2. I hope your heart stays intact.

  3. Ivan: Me too!

    Moogie: Me too (2).

  4. As the aircraft go, I like the B-29's.

    As to the context of the photos, I much prefer the top one.


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