Monday, November 21, 2011

Broadening Our Horizons XXXV

We were still drinkin' our morning (heh) coffee when Happy Hour time rolled around but we think we're caffeinated enough to make it through the rest of the day, even if we're leavin' a couple o' cups in the pot.  As a good friend o' mine useta say... "Sometimes it bees like that."  Today is one of those days.

But... to the bid'niz at hand.  No, make that the pleasure at hand:

That's a Linenkugel Fireside Nut Brown.  I like this brew, unlike one o' The Bros, who gave the beer a "D."  A D!  That means "avoid" in BA-speak.  I firmly disagree and I'm not the only one who doesn't share Mr. Alström's point o' view, as the consensus opinion on this tasty nut brown ale is C+ and that's based upon 347 reviews.  Personally?  I'd give it a B, mainly coz I like the smoky taste that is quite prominent in this brew.  It's definitely a seasonal sorta thang, and it goes very well with a chilly Fall kinda day.

Today's cigar is a box-pressed Ave Maria, a stick I have some small experience with and a worthy companion to the Fireside Nut Brown.  You'll note that I'm both politically and legally correct today: the cigar sits in the ashtray unlit.

And now it's time to layer up (coz it's a mere 52 degrees outside) and take this show out to the verandah.

Update, 1555 hrs:  Well, THAT didn't last long.  I could handle the 52 degrees but I couldn't handle 52 degrees along with the brisk breeze that accompanied the chill.  So we're back indoors to enjoy our beer in the coziness of El Casa Inmóvil de Pennington.  Sans cigar.  (Sigh)


  1. I'm still waiting for it to creep out of the 40s. On the upside there's no breeze... yet.

    v-word = mogympho

  2. We're not doin' too badly on the WX front (heh) down this way. I just hope we don't get a re-run of last year's sub-zero temps. THAT sucked.

  3. It was overcast here with temps around 47. It did rain some, but the good news was that the wind was not howling. I can live with that, and even enjoyed the chilly temps.

  4. Buck - you gotta figure out something about that cigar smoking thing. You can't be going this long without having one!

    40s here today; we travel to New Hampshire tomorrow for the holiday weekend and we will leave in torrential rain and arrive at our destination with ... snow. That is supposed to accumulate. Should be a lovely Thanksgiving on Lake Winnipesaukee. Cold and beautiful.

  5. Not only politically and legally correct, but a well-composed photo. I like the way the browns of the beer & cigar and the black of the ashtray harmonize with the color of your countertop and backsplash tile. A fine autumn tone poem.

    Enough of that hoity-toity, artsy-fartsy speak -- it's no good if you can't enjoy the cigar. What to do? A space heater on the verandah won't stop the breeze. You don't have a less-breezy back patio, do you?

  6. And behind "the pleasure at hand" is an impression of a hand! Clever.

  7. Lou: We were supposed to get some rain last evening but it never materialized. Drat.

    Kris: Yeah, I'm still noodling on the cigar problem. I think ECMdP might be the answer... Have a safe trip and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Red: Why, thank ya! That's me... the Accidental Artist. ;-) I do take care to compose my photos for balance and subject matter inclusion, but the colors and such were just a happy accident. And, no... no back patio.

    Moogie: See above.

  8. A fella can't go wrong with some Leiney's. I just wish it was easier to find up here in the NW.

  9. Dave: I'm kinda amazed we have it here on THPoNM... a beer desert if there ever was one.


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