Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bad Day

Didja ever have one of those pains in the neck that made even breathing hurt?  That would be me today and it doesn't do my usually bright and cheery self any good at ALL.  The worst part?  Aleve doesn't seem to be much help.  I took two of those things this morning and went back to bed but the pain hasn't gone away.  Oh, well... this, too, shall pass.

I got nuthin' (else) so you get Mimi:

Don't worry, Mimi.  I won't leave ya.


  1. Hang in there, Buck. You've got the Wings against the fLames tonight, which should be an easy pick me up in the mood department, anyway.

  2. I think you should go to a Dr. and get checked out.
    That does not sound good to me...I want a full report when you get back young man.

  3. Being that I have a number of Doctor friends, and they have told me about the OTC drugs like Aleve, I would double the intake of Aleve you had to 4, so it is closer to what you would get in prescription level drugs of that nature. It isn't something you would do long term, but it would be good for a few days.

    A warm, wet compress might help your neck as well. For it to have come on over night, it is probably a function of how your head/neck was positioned during your sleep. A heating pad would work as well. Making a towel into a roll and cradling it around your neck could give you some relief as well.

    Doing some ROM on your neck might also help out. Tilting your head around, moving it to your shoulders, but doing so in a slow, easy manner might help loosen it up as well.

  4. Andy: You mean those same Flames that BEAT us the last time they were at The Joe? Those guys?

    ss: I'll quote Humble Pie: I Don't Need No Doctor. ;-)

    Anon: I did exactly as you suggested with the Aleve shortly after I put this post up and thangs are MUCH better now. I agree with ya about the cause, too. I prolly slept wrong. Or weird. Or sumthin'.

  5. OK, here's some free advice from the local polio beneficiary:

    The best overall care I've had in my life has been acupuncture. Drugs (I use ibuprofen) will knock down the pain in a (you should pardon the expression) pinch, but do nothing to address the muscle spasms that are usually the root source.

    What does work are heat patches, available at your local - I get mine at a Raley's Supermarket. The current ones, not as hot as I got in Chinatown but they work, are something called Salonpas, made in Japan by Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co.

    Just peel off the back and stick it where it hurts (maybe not there...) After a while, or the next morning, whichever comes first, you'll notice the pain is gone. Wonderful, and cheap. And no worries about drug reactions/stomach probs, either.

  6. I hope you're feeling ok by now. Be sure and go to the hospital if you feel worse, or weirder. (Don't you hate being at the age where a little pain might be a sign of impending doom? I do.)

    Other than that, I hope you have a Happy Turkey Day spent in good company, with good food & drink.

  7. I can't add anything to what's already here. Besides, you're gonna do what you're gonna do.
    So feel better and Happy Thanksgiving

  8. Tripping the Slaughterhouse24 November, 2011 00:35

    Every time I go to the dentist I have him get me some Lortab. I pour them into my silverware drawer. It's just a Tylenol dipped in codeine.

    If I take two of them my ears pop and I have no pain, and go to sleep, and if I take three I sometimes hallucinate which is pretty cool, except I'm a bad trip kind of guy.

    I would describe some of the trips but they wouldn't make much sense to earth-bound people. You would have to at least traveled to Trafalmador once.

    Yea, take some of that.

  9. Buck, I'm late around. Glad the pain is mo' better. Yeah, if I get a really bad something I'll take 4 advil (dentist said it's prescription strength that way). Usually does the trick.

    Hey man, happy Thanksgiving at ya'!

    Be well.

  10. Strange, I had exactly the same problem on the same day. I blame the altered holiday diet. And I base that on what was ultimately the cure for my condition, the details of which I'll keep to myself.

    But yeah. A feeling that your gut cavity is about halfway hollow, that you're stuffed full and starving at the same time, coupled with shooting neck pains, coupled with a low-blood-sugar headache.

    (Captcha: menestwi)

  11. Thank you all for your concern and the wonderful suggestions. As Red notes, this gettin' old thang ain't for sissies. As a matter of fact it's a downright pain in the neck (AND the nether regions).


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