Saturday, November 12, 2011

19,615,456 Views Before I Get Around to Posting It

EIP: Always a day late and a dollar short.  Always.  But cute.


It's not a nice day here on The High Plains o' New Mexico:

Warm ain't everythang, yanno?  We've had gusts over 40 mph today, so I'm thinkin' it'll be an indoor Happy Hour.  But mebbe not.


  1. Yooouuuuu sneaky Mom!!! Love it.

  2. SOOO cute! Those last guys were pretty neat kids -- "You're probably gonna get a bellyache.". Heh -- wonder where he had heard that before!

  3. Lindz had shown that to Jesse the other day - pretty funny! I think I want those last two boys for my GBs.

  4. The last ones were by far the best. That kid the red pajamas is gonna go FAR in life. And I love how he was so supportive of his little brother's math efforts.

    "It's 5, but you were so close". I was expecting him to say "dude" at some point.


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