Sunday, October 02, 2011

Scrapin' the Bottom o' the Bloggin' Barrel XI

Today's major accomplishment at left... two-thirds of the CD inventory racked, stacked, but not alphabetized.  We did give a nod and a wink to organization (heh) by grouping all the important stuff together... which is to say the Beatles, Van Morrison, Lyle Lovett, and the Rolling Stones... and all the multi-disc sets, like the nine volume Complete Stax/Volt Singles, the six volume Atlantic R&B box set, the three volume Earth, Wind, and Fire set... yadda, yadda, yadda.

Today was the first time I'd  gone through ALL my CDs in at least eight years and I was amazed at some of the dreck I found.  Like... how did a Shania Twain album get into my house?  Likewise with Counting Crows (I hate their whiny lead singer but kinda like "Rain King," which is prolly why the album is here), Dave Matthews Band (two albums... TWO!  I blame that on The Second Mrs. Pennington) and a couple o' few others I'm too embarrassed to list here (hint: one female "singer," whose last name rhymes with fairy).

There's no accounting for taste... it's ALL in our mouths.


  1. Well, Shania Twain IS nice to look at ;-)

    I ave some CDs that are still in the cellophane... I bought an entire box full of CDs about 15 years ago and still haven't gotten through it.

  2. Deborah Harry aint so bad...

  3. Skip: What you say about Shania is TRUE. ;-)

    Sam: Good guess, but that ain't who we're on about.

  4. Hopefully the Stones' Beggar's Banquet hasn't been unpacked yet.

    Wooo wooo!

  5. My last commercial CD's I threw from the car on the way to work, was Nanci Griffith. She was fun for awhile, but if I never hear a country song it will be fine with me.

    All my CD's now are made by me. I just drag and drop stuff that interests me. The quality isn't too important. I think I have 5 CD's now in the truck.

    You can't buy the stuff I like anyway. I went to Best Buy and asked them where the Polka section was, and the teeny-bopper looked at me and said "yea, I think it's about 3000 miles north of here, and you take a right."

    You look all organized!

    Katy Perry? :-) second generation offspring might have snuck it in.

  6. Do you have a dewey decimal system for checkout?

  7. Mariah Carey? I wish some organizer fairy would come to my house. Maybe the cleaning fairy too.

  8. Your collection isn't complete unless the The Notorious Cherry Bombs are included. Just be careful who you play that one particular track for.

  9. Inno: "Beggar's Banquet" is in the car... ;-)

    I went to Best Buy and asked them where the Polka section was, and the teeny-bopper looked at me and said "yea, I think it's about 3000 miles north of here, and you take a right."

    Ya gotta give Bopper points fer a snappy comeback, doncha? Heh. And no, not Katy Perry. I have NO ideer who that is, btw.

    Anon2: It takes a LOT to get a library card for my music.

    Lou: You win the prize! "What prize?" prolly comes next and I have no answer. Wait! I got it! A FREE Mariah Carey CD! Yes...

  10. Ivan: I'll have to google that.

  11. I guessed Katy Perry, too. You're making really good progress!

  12. You got a Blondie CD?


    Nope, the comments tell me different.

    You got a Mariah Carey CD?

    Double Nyuk...

  13. You're making really good progress!

    Slow but steady, Moogie. All I REALLY need is my flippin' desk!

    Andy: I don't have any Blondie CDs, but I do have a couple o' Blondie albums... on vinyl. I blame TSMP for the Mariah Carey. It wasn't ME.

  14. I was thinking India Arie, probably because I heard her on a smooth jazz station this morning.

    Yes, I like Rain King too.

  15. Blondie is 66 years old03 October, 2011 06:58

    I once bought a Blondie cassette in Riyadh for a dollar.

    Funny thing, a lot of the songs were in French! What the hell?? I actually liked it. Better in some ways. She would mix English and French throughout the album.

    Now there is something you won't find in America - French Rock and Roll :-)

  16. I too guessed Mariah Carey. Hey we all have those mistakes in our collections.

    Mine? Barry Manilow.

    Yes, I said it out loud.

  17. Red: I think "Rain King" is the ONLY CC song I like...

    Blondie is 66: There's a VERY good reason one doesn't hear French rock 'n' roll in this country. They really should stick to what they know, like cuisine and couture.

    Kris: You trumped me. Barry Manilow? Really?

  18. Manilow makes me puke04 October, 2011 02:12

    One note on Barry, This girl who dumped me for another man and named their daughter Mandy.

    Can you imagine your daughter coming home for Christmas, and every year reminding you of the naming mistake.

    Oh Mandy,
    Change your name,
    and you can stop me from begging..

    God always evens things out...

  19. They actually named her Mandy, and not Amanda? You lucked out when that girl dumped you. Srsly.


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