Saturday, October 08, 2011

Miscellaneous Ramblings

First, the important stuff:  SN2 is 43 today.  Here's the birthday boy and some old Zoomie, taken last year at the Naval Recruiting District, Pittsburgh Change of Command ceremony in Buffalo, NY:

He's still serving at half-pay, too.  Happy Birthday, Sam!


Our desk was delivered late yesterday afternoon and we got started on putting the last piece of El Casa Inmóvil de Pennington together.  Which is to say the desktop computer and its peripherals are assembled and in place.  Witness:

Looks pretty spiffy, eh?  Well, it's ALL about camera angles, coz here's what ya don't see in the above two pics...

And that's only part o' the mess.  We'll be a couple o' few days sorting this out...


The Beloved Wings got off to a good start last evening, beating Ottawa 5 - 3 at The Joe.  Needless to say, the home crowd was pleased, as was YrHmblScrb and SN1.  We did our usual hockey thang, which is to say we watched the game together but separate, taking full advantage of the unlimited mobile-to-mobile minutes we each have in our cell phone plans.  SN1 and DIL Erma surprised me with an early Christmas present as well, gifting me with the NHL's Center Ice package.  I was MOST pleased and grateful, especially since Fox Sports Dee-troit was blacked out in my viewing area.

Speaking o' hockey and thangs, here's your Exit Question:  How do you know a REAL hockey fan when ya see one?

Exit Answer:  When his neighbor knocks on the door in the middle of the game to ask if he'd like to accompany her to her favorite watering hole for a drink and dinner and he DECLINES, saying "Any other night I'd be right there... but tonight is Opening Night!"  (The Lady understood, bless her heart.)


  1. Just need some roller plastic for the chair to zip around.

    My problem is I eat at my desk all the time, and then roll my chair around on the crumbs. Grinding it into the carpet.

    I can't figure out why everyone calls me a slob...

  2. La dame d'à côté08 October, 2011 11:40

    I think there is a rule that going out with your neighbor takes precedence over hockey. I think it is Rule B, in paragraph 8.

    After all, technology marches on and you can record that stuff now :-)

  3. Anon: I'm looking for one those things to put under my chair so I DON'T destroy the carpet... coz it ain't mine.

    La dame: You missed one of the main points. I COULD have recorded the game, true. But not the shared experience with SN1... it's a male-bonding thing.

  4. Buck!!!!!!!
    Go out with the lady and tape the game!!!

  5. Looks like things are coming together Nicely.

    Psst! Tell SN1 Happy~Birthday and a Big Thank~ You from me for serving

    WV~ nutalike~No kidding :)

  6. Happy Birthday, Sam! Seeing that photo reminds me of my trip to Buffalo and my tour through the ships. I could almost imagine I was at the Change of Command ceremony since I had seen your photos.

    I understand the hockey thang, but now the puck is yours to play (the ball is in your court). You should ask her now. She may have understood, but she may not feel comfortable asking twice.

  7. Lou, thanks so much! And I agree... she aint going to ask twice (Amanda agrees too!)

    Thanks Dad. It was a good day; had dinner with Anastasia, Alex, Amanda and the grand-kids... Alisa, Ava and Angelina were off doing other things in their busy lives (Girl Scout campout!)


    Sheesh! What are we ever going to do with you?????

  9. Happiest of Days to Sam!!! Best of all worlds to you for the years to come.

    In agreement here with others who have more common sense than our esteemed host - go out with the lady Buck!!! SHEESH!

  10. Thanks Kris!

    And another vote for Dad to make the next step and ask the lady out for dinner... great minds and all that.

  11. At some point in time in the past I said right here I needed some serious nagging. I take it ALL back now. ;-)

  12. Happy birthday, Sam! I agree that your dad should do the asking next time (with the "male-bonding thing offered by way of explanation for turning down the invite), but I also agree that he had a "date" with you first that should be honored. A good day!

  13. I don't have any sons, but I think a goodnight kiss from a woman who just had a healthy serving of pork and wine would be a lot more fun.

    But then I hate sports, so what do I know...

  14. Happy Birthday to Sam.

    BTW from one Old Zoomie to another - U needed a Haircut. ;-)

    Phil C.
    Msgt, USAF Ret

  15. Moogie: You are a MOST sensible woman.

    Anon: Your last sez it all.

    Morgan: Thanks.


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