Monday, October 03, 2011

Cannon AFB In the News

The MC-130J Combat Shadow II is marshaled into place at Cannon Air Force Base, Sept. 29, 2011 (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Xavier Lockley)
First MC-130J Enters Inventory: The Air Force last week received its first new-build MC-130J Combat Shadow II special-mission aircraft. Lt. Gen. Eric Fiel, Air Force Special Operations Command boss, flew the aircraft from Lockheed Martin's production facility in Marietta, Ga., to Cannon AFB, N.M., its new home. The MC-130J joins the 522nd Special Operations Squadron, a part of Cannon's 27th Special Operations Wing. "Members of the 522th SOS will rewrite history as they fly the MC-130 farther, faster, and higher," said Fiel at the Sept. 29 aircraft acceptance ceremony. "As innovative air commandos, you will push this plane to its limits and find creative ways to employ our people more effectively." This aircraft is the first of 69 new MC-130Js that the Air Force plans to equip AFSOC with to replace the command's MC-130E/H/P/W special-role aircraft. The Air Force last week also received its first new HC-130J Combat King II. (Cannon report by A1C Alexxis Pons Abascal) (Lockheed release)
Much more, including three other high-res photos, at the "Cannon report" link.


  1. Jumpin' Jehoshaphat, they are still making these 130s 'new'?!! This has to make them the flying equivalent of the Volkswagen Beetle for longevity of production. Wow, just wow.

  2. They seem a bit like dinosaurs of the sky. I love to watch them fly. But then I loved watching the F-16, the old Mustang, the smaller jets, etc.

  3. I just can't get too excited about a "new" C-130. Sounds sort of like a "new" 1961 Ford Galaxy...

    I'm sorry, I had to ride those things for so long, I wanted to jump out with the Army guys on a drop. "Just run and jump" I would say to myself. It's only an Article 15, go for it!

    I have a theory about people. When you get to Basic Training and they offer you all these dangerous sounding jobs, or some safe job, most of us always chickened out.

    Then when you get out into the field and see the people doing those dangerous jobs, you say "shit I should have signed up!"

    You only get one chance at life, why waste it being safe and sound.

  4. Lin: I can't think of another aircraft that's been in continuous production longer, now that you mention it. That's the earmark of a GREAT design.

    Lou: They are kinda ponderous beasts, ain't they?

    Anon: I've only had the "privilege" of riding in a -130 a couple o' few times, and each time was a miserable experience. Sweat yer ass off on the ramp and freeze to death in the air. What fun!

    You had a CHOICE o' jobs? Heh. I did what they told me to do...

  5. I forget what day it was, but they marched us to a room where they compared our entrance exam scores to what jobs were available.

    Then they asked me if I wanted to be a gunner. "What's a gunner??"

    "A gunner fires weapons at the enemy in all sorts of airplanes - B-52, UH-1, HH-53, AC-130..."

    "Hold it! Hold it! No, I don't want to be no damned door gunner!"

    "Pussy... Well then you can be a loadmaster or an Air Policeman."

    "There you go! I like the sound of that! I want to be a loadmaster"

    Shiiiiitttttt..... Anything but a cop.

  6. Towards the end o' basic my TI passed out assignments and said "You're goin' to Keesler, Pennington... to be a radar repairman. If you can hack it."

    So much for MY choice. That said, I was guaranteed a job in the electronics career field, specified in my enlistment contract in writing.


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