Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Apropos o' Nuthin'

There are many, many benefits and joys associated with my new life but I think the GREATEST one of all is becoming reacquainted with my music collection.  By way o' brief explanation: most of my CDs were stuffed into overhead storage while I lived in El Casa Móvil de Pennington and were inaccessible, at best.  Not so today (and yesterday): nearly all my CDs are not only accessible, they're right at hand.  And we have been going through all these titles with relish.  Yesterday was all classical, today we're into pop tunes.

And speaking of relish (ahem)... an example: I hadn't played Joan Osborne's "Relish" CD in more than a few years and our mood has been elevated significantly this morning by tunes like these:

"If he can't fix it gonna find a boy who can..."
Joan!!  Over HERE!

And I'm pissed off about bein' the cops
And you're pissed off about bein' the maid
And how long till they shut off the phone
Or til the next time we get laid
Let's just get naked
Just for a laugh
I've been blessed in this life, in that I've known at least two or three women who had an attitude like Ms. Osborne expresses in song.  Where'd they all GO?


  1. Good album, actually saw her in concert @ 11 years ago, supporting her second(?) album. Great show.

  2. That was about a year after I left Ra-cha-cha, tim. (sigh) I'm always in the wrong place at the right time...

  3. Hanging out with the pink flamingos in Florida?

    I think STD's have cut down on the old free love attitude somewhat. Now they want wine, dinner, movies, theater, rings, and whatnot, THEN they might move on to the not so "free loving" ways.

  4. you did it again!
    now i´ll be on You Tube all day.
    last week it was "Blind Faith"

    rock on!

    BTW Nice birds

  5. Hanging out with the pink flamingos in Florida?

    I read a piece about promiscuity at The Villages a while back and seriously considered moving there... just for the opportunities that might present themselves. Rumor has it geriatric bachelors are something of a rarity there, while single old ladies abound. A target-rich environment!

    Anon2: Glad to be of service! ;-)

  6. Good Lord, ha, OK I don't know who Joan was, but the lyrics, the voice, and drums are...

    Hmm, I'll be nice - not my style.

    I was thinking of girl groups in the 80's. Stuff that filled the void between the death of rock and roll, and the MTV generation.

  7. "Hey, hey, my my/ Rock 'n' roll will never die/ there's more to the picture/ than meets the eye/ Hey, hey, my my"

    --Neil Young, c. 1979

    It's TRUE.


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