Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Yeah, again.  It's hard to stay off OWS when fully half of the 'toons at the Usual Source are about this subject.  Here's but one...

I recognize that feeling... but I had a valid excuse for my behavior: it was the beer goggles.


Speakin' of "again"...  We've fallen back into old habits, which is to say stayin' up well into the wee hours and sleeping half the day away.  I keep tellin' myself "no harm, no foul" but I really hate it when I do this sorta thang: half the damned day is gone and I haven't even poured my second cup yet.  Type A behavior never dies... it just keeps strange hours.


  1. Instead of a new apt, you should have moved in with me. Between the shrieking grandbaby and other miscellaneous drama, nobody sleeps here early, late or inbetween.

  2. And I thought "again" was in reference to the Wings game last night.

    But yeah, OWS. I can't think of a bigger thing that has done so little.

  3. Inno: I feel for ya, what with having experienced the screaming baby thang. It WILL get better.

    Andy: I choose to ignore your first, but your second is spot-on.


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