Friday, September 23, 2011

What's Missing In This Picture?

Well, I suppose that's an obvious question of the first order, innit?  We moved ECMdP off to granddaughter Felicity's place last evening, turned in our mailbox key this morning, and even got a lil bit o' money back as the combination of monies paid in advance for space rent plus my deposit exceeded the cost of electricity consumed this month.  That was nice.

I'm gonna miss Happy Hours and After Dinner Whiskey Hours in that small space and I'm also a lil bit wistful about making the break from what was a most interesting period of life.  But the break is clean and somewhat overdue.  On to the next phase... whatever that phase may be.

So now it's back to the job at hand, which is putting the office in some semblance of order.  While this ain't exactly the Fifth Labor of Hercules it's pretty damned close.


  1. What's missing in this picture?

    Hmm, I'm from Seattle, so I'm gonna say rain.

    Congrats on the move, Buck, and good luck squaring away that office.

  2. Buck, first congrats, second, time to update the ole side bar ("part deux") and also, are you still in Portales you have to change the name of the blog too?

    Important stuff...enquiring minds and all that.

    Have a great weekend.

    Ironically, in an hour or so I’m stopping by my sis/bro-in-law’s new house in Pittsford, they moved back from PA. Actually I’m just going to get my free beer from bro-in-law since he works at Genny. Man I love free beer and I may have to revisit my position on my heathenness ;)

  3. The next phase - whatever it is - will continue to be most interesting because of the person experiencing said phase, or dare I say ... adventure.

    So glad things are humming along for you Buck. Moving is such a traumatic thing to do, no matter the circumstances.

    wv: exormiss - hmmm, not gonna touch that one.

  4. A fresh start -- who knows what it will hold? I hate moving, but when I've had to move, I always feel so clean after throwing out all the old stale "stuff" we tend to accumulate.

    I'm wishing you to encounter some nice unexpected benefits/surprises from this move. You've already got one down -- the money back from the trailer court. Here's to more good things to come!

  5. Kudo's for crawling out of the comfort zone!
    More adventures are yet to reveal themselves, (Herself!) The new place looks great!

  6. Nice one on part deux. I noticed there weren't any people... or kittehs [HSWHTPFIHC].

  7. The place does look a bit sad with you gone, but I agree with the "overdue" part. I think this will be a good move - new and exciting things to come. Scooney said it well - Kudos for crawling out of the comfort zone. May your new place prove to be even more comfortable.

  8. Andy: We still need rain, and lots of it. I think a weather trade is in order here.

    Small-Tee: FREE beer? Finest kind! As for the other... I updated.

    Kris: I'm hopin' "adventure" fits. That would be nice, eh?

    Red: I hear ya on the "clean" thang. I THOUGHT I'd done a good job of purging when I moved into ECMdP but I'm finding stuff I haven't touched in YEARS. The "out it goes" pile keeps getting larger and larger...

    Ed & Skip: Thank ya!

    Lou: The new place IS much more comfortable. The fact it's so much larger takes more than a lil bit o' getting used to, as well.

  9. Good on you for having an "out it goes pile." someday, I hope to acquire one of those myself. Someday.

    Here's to a new and improved comfort zone!


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