Sunday, September 04, 2011

Return With Us Now to Those Thrilling Days o' Yesteryear

I'm still mucking about in the archives, labeling posts and such.  In so doing I came across this lil gem from January o' 2008, when we were still deep in the presidential campaign...

Heh.  As I said before, Bowie would be PROUD.  That said, the change we wanted doesn't quite measure up to the change we got, does it?

Added, somewhat later:  Further to the archives, this bit...
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It’s WAR! Normally I’m a live-and-let-live kinda guy, and my tolerance extends to creatures great and small. Included in the “small” community are various bugs, with the exception of flies and mosquitoes, which are terminated immediately with extreme prejudice…always. Take spiders, for example. Spiders are generally good, as they eat other small critters and generally stay out of my way. And I enjoy their webs, which are both small-scale engineering feats and supremely artistic, as well…as anyone who’s seen an early morning web covered in sparkling dew will attest.

My tolerance ends, though, when spiders begin to overwhelm my personal space and get presumptuous about territory and such, thinking it’s theirs for the taking. While I love and appreciate outdoor webs I don’t like to see the things hanging off my table lamp, or worse, have a small spider drop down on a gossamer filament right in front of my face while I’m surfing the other web (heh). And that’s just in the front of the house. Things get worse, much worse, as you move to the rear of El Casa Móvil De Pennington. Lately I’ve been involved in a daily ritual that involves wiping away webs that have been spun overnight in both the bathroom and the kitchen, and the spiders have become so numerous that they’re scurrying around in plain sight. It’s time for a new strategy: we’re gonna surge.

It appears that GHQ Arachnid is located in the bathroom. Yesterday I took extreme measures on the HQ… emptying both bathroom cabinets, thoroughly cleaning out the spaces, and finishing off by liberally spraying the interiors of both cabinets and the surrounding baseboards with Raid. Result: no webs in the bathroom this morning. The kitchen will be a little more problematic because I don’t want to engage in unrestricted chemical warfare in that operational area. The risk of collateral damage (to YrHmblScrb, hisownself) is just too high. So we’ll just content ourselves with applying forceful thumb pressure on the little terrorists as they transit from nook to cranny. And waging chemical warfare along the baseboards and other spaces in the kitchen where the risk of collateral damage is low.

We have evidence the surge is working, as noted above. There will be NO political settlement and we’ll take no prisoners. All I’m asking is a return to the status quo ante or, in other words, if the spiders stay in their space, I’ll stay in mine.

Peace in our time.
The pic is unrelated to the bit above; it's from another, later post that also featured chemical warfare upon intruding arachnids.  That one was scary, Gentle Reader.

Further, and unrelated... I'm simply amazed at all the Tube O' You vids that have gone missing over the years.  Some have disappeared due to copyright violations, some for account deletions/closure, and some for no reason at all except perhaps for the fact they just got old.  Which contradicts the assumption that "the inner-net is forever," coz it AIN'T, when it comes to videos.


  1. Normally, I don't do spiders in the house and barely outside. But I did let one spin a huge web in the window of my bedroom. It was beautiful and amazing. Then one day the spider was out of his space and in mine. Now he is dead.

  2. Then one day the spider was out of his space and in mine. Now he is dead.

    That's the operative condition, innit? "You stay in your space..."


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