Thursday, September 01, 2011


One of these days I'm going to beat my tendency to be seriously obsessive-compulsive.  But it looks like that won't happen any time soon.  The astute among you Gentle Readers... and that would be all of ya, right?... may have noticed I have a new widget in my sidebar: a tag cloud showing labels I've assigned to posts.  I have NO ideer what came over me but I decided to begin labeling posts and started by asking Blogger to display all posts about Obama (which Blogger does by searching for the word "Obama").  About eight hours and 227 posts later... and that's just scratching the surface... I finished labeling those posts. It doesn't help matters that I sometimes (more often than not) combine three or more discrete topics in a single post... which means I have to actually read the drivel in order to label it properly.  Obsessive.  Compulsive.

I only have about 3,800 posts to go.  Aiiieee.


  1. I have NO ideer what came over me An extra finger of scotch?

  2. More like three extra... ;-)

  3. Does the relative font size of the tag indicate a higher number of posts on that subject? It certainly couldn't indicate the esteem you have for the subject, considering how huge the size is for "Obama". I would have thought "Beer", "Cigars", and "Mo'sickles" would be the most prominent. Guess this just shows how well-rounded you are on subjects, heh?

    I am so looking forward to retirement so I have more time to indulge my obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

  4. Does the relative font size of the tag indicate a higher number of posts on that subject?

    Yup... and all that most certainly WILL change once I get further into the labeling. Blogger gives you the option of including the number of posts in parens after the label but I opted not to go there.

    And yeah... retirement IS nice. I dunno about stayin' up until 0430 doin' useless stuff, tho.

  5. This is something I would do as well Buck. I am mildly OCD about many things; we won't go into details because well, they are embarassing when I write them down.

  6. Buck, I'm real good with staying up till 0430 doing useless stuff. Having to go to work in the mornings now kind of squashes that endeavor.

    And yes, I'm too embarrassed, like Kris, to confess all my OCD habits. I suppose that subject would make a good blog meme, if I was still blogging.

  7. Gee, it makes me glat I am ADD rather than OCD.

  8. Buck, I don't remember exactly when I started labeling posts...probably about two years after I began captaining my Titanic. They do help. Me.

    I started one day to go back and attach labels on all those "other" posts. After about an hour, I said, "screw this...I'll just use the 'search this blog' function to find junk I remember." It's worked pretty good, too. But, I do like better.

    As to the OCD. Well, Lou may confess to ADD...but I can not confess to either. I'd be more likely to be DUI than either of those two.

    And, I'm not guilty of that one, either. But, it'd be more likely.

  9. Kris: I'm only half-joking about the OCD thang, but I do have it under control. Sorta.

    Red: I hear ya about late hours and working; I used to be in bed quite early during my working days. As for an OCD meme? I'll pass... ;-)

    Lou: Count yer blessings. I did; then I counted 'em again, and again, and again...

    Andy: The "search" function has worked pretty well for me, too. I don't know WHY I decided to do this stuff. I have better and more important things I should be doin'.


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