Thursday, September 08, 2011


We're right in the middle o' Happy Hour and took a break to come inside and put up yet another post, this time to celebrate the third consecutive day o' NO AC here at El Casa Móvil de Pennington , mainly coz there's no need for artificial cooling.  Witness:

We have all our windows and door (one each) open to capture as many of the soft breezes as we can, for it is GORGEOUS.


And then there's this: Incentive...

I only wish ABQ wasn't a four-hour drive from ECMdP coz this is powerful incentive to make the trip.  And then there's this from the link in the screen cap above:

Red Chile Fields: Secrets for growing the best chile from Salsa Twins on Vimeo.

"Holy Cow!" sez the guy in the video and I agree... them's a LOT o' chiles!  Tasty, too.  You can order New Mexico's best chile here; but lucky me:  I can buy it at Wally-World here in P-Ville.


About tonite's "Big Event"...
The great danger facing Mr. Obama tonight is that the public simply tunes him out, viewing his pronouncements as either irrelevant or annoying. 

It's been a dramatic fall for a man who was, his supporters assured us in 2008, America's best orator since Abraham Lincoln. Now he's reduced to a warm-up act for a football game.
That would be Karl Rove, writing in today's WSJ.  Mr. Rove is correct, at least as far as YrHmblScrb is concerned: I tuned the president out quite some time ago.  No surprise, eh?


  1. I had tried to listen to him making a speech, but after a couple of minutes I'm getting pissed off at the lies and his horrible cadence of speech. At that point I would rather stick awls in my ears.

    The narcissist lost me long before he ever "had me". He isn't a good speaker. He is no orator. Those who think he is apparently are brain dead liberals with tingles going up their legs.

    Being that we still have not seen any of his grades, I think the man probably had piss poor grades, and only graduated through affirmative action. He really isn't bright.

  2. It's a lovely evening here, too...and I intend to keep it that way by leaving my television OFF...lest I stumble on a station carrying you-know-who.

  3. Anon: I watched The One pretty intently during Campaign 08, but not a lot since. He lost me long before he was elected.

    Red: You have your head screwed on straight!

  4. Market Street had a Hatch Green Chili festival of sorts. Toby and I arrived late, but bought a bag of roasted chilies - some were pretty dang hot. I a few in my meatloaf last night - puhfect (as GBN2 says).

    I'm still not geared up to watch speeches and debates and such.

  5. Market Street had a Hatch Green Chili festival of sorts.

    It's that time o' year. I saw a group o' people roasting chiles outside of P-Ville's Wally-World last year, believe it or don't. That might have been a group fund-raiser or sumthin'...


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