Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We’re making progress, but I’ve learned one thing: this moving gig was a LOT easier before the maid quit. It was also easier back when either the Air Force or my civilian employer picked up the tab for a turn-key move… but that was then and this is now. So… the kitchen is pretty much done. My furniture was delivered yesterday and we’ll have our satellite teevee installed by the time you read this (I’m writing this offline for posting when I get me some wi-fi). The bedroom is half complete; I’m gonna need to buy a chest of drawers as the dresser I bought is filled up with clothes already and I have yet to unpack my winter stuff. The office is a freakin’ MESS, virtually nothing has been touched in that space.

Which brings us to the post title… I’m putting EIP on hiatus until I get my innertubes connection next week. I’ll be moving ECMdP off to storage either tomorrow or Thursday and I’ll lose my spiffy fiber connection once she leaves Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park. There’s that, but more importantly… I just have too damned much to do to pay attention to the blog. Priorities, yanno?

I’ve been reading your comments on my phone(e-mail) and I appreciate all the good wishes and nice things all y’all have said. I’ve gotten so far behind I can’t reply as is my habit, but know that I appreciate all y’all’s visits. I really do.

Lastly… a couple o’ few pics I took last evening:

A quick lil view of the bedroom.  The mattress is NICE.

Sofa, lamps, and coffee table... which will NEVER look this neat again.  Ever.

Another view of the LR, featuring the ever-popular love seat.  The apartment is a LOT smaller with furniture in it... and it's a good thang I decided to wait on a dinette set, coz there's no room for one.  Bar stools at the counter, here we come.

The entertainment center... or whatever ya call it... which almost worked, which is to say the compartments aren't deep enough to hold my stereo equipment and close the doors.  Oh, well... it's always sumthin', innit?

It’s coming together.


  1. I like it, man.

    Once again, congrats on the new place. We'll be over on Thursday.

  2. I love it all.

    Do I detect beveled edges on your bedroom mirror? Extra points for classy. Glad you like your mattress. My husband & I have never found a mattress that pleases both of us; it's his turn to be pleased at the moment. Sleeping by yourself has its advantages.

    Love those lamps, and the studs on the sofa, but I told you that before. Now we need a traditional picture of you sitting around your new place.

    Thanks for the pics to satisfy our curiosity. Well done!

  3. Nice, Buck, very nice.

    And you have exquisite taste - I can say this because we bought the exact same console for our new media room and...have the exact same problem with the components!

    We solved it by putting everything in the closet and running the wires underneath the floor. I suspect you don't have that option...and it does make you wonder what in hell the manufacturer of the console was thinking!! Or not.

  4. I see you have your Blue Star Mothers flag flying. Looks nice and comfy. Just need a foot wiper at the door, and a mexican blanket under the coffe table.

    Maybe a gray cat...

  5. oops, I'm blind on the foot wiper. I'm sort of Japanese when it comes to shoes, as I work at a place where men can't seem to hit the urinal until after the flow starts. I have work shoes, and all other shoes, ha.

  6. Very nice. I imagine that various wall hangings/ pictures will be gracing the walls in the future.

    It pays to take your time with setting up the various rooms, as once you say enough, it seems to stay that way.

    I think the real estate peps love showing places that are empty. They always seem so much bigger than they are without any furnishings in them. I was always good at figuring how much space would be left once the furniture was in, my wife, not so much.

  7. I'm very impressed, although that is probably easily done. I like the clean lines and modern look. Now, I'm trying to picture what kind of paintings could go with your style.

    VW: watualue - where Napoleon met his.

  8. Innit a pain when the entertainment center doesn't do what it's supposed to do? Seems like there's never enough space. Ours is huge. Yet I still had to add another shelf so all of the components would fit inside. It was so much simpler back when all we had was a tuner and turntable.

    Nice place... be careful, though. The renting agent may want to use your unit as a model.

  9. Oh, Buck! It's just lovely! You've made remarkable progress. I trust TGH likes her new canopy? Can't wait to see more pics!

    There's nothing quite like a new mattress.

  10. Well! Looks really nice, Buck! You have great taste -- maybe you should look into a new career as an interior decorator. :)

    (baketth: Maybe it is a hint to use your new oven...)

  11. Andy: Well... it's Thursday. Where are YOU?

    Sleeping by yourself has its advantages.

    I think you mentioned the one and only advantage of sleeping solo, Red. If I had my druthers... ;-)

    Kris: It never occurred to me to actually MEASURE my components. This is the first time I've been burnt like this... I've prolly bought or made six different cabinets for stereo gear in my life and this is the ONLY bad experience. As for your solution... it would be hard to run wires under a tile floor laid on a cement slab. ;-)

    Man Cave: You've been by the place? How else would you know about the Blue Star flag?

    Anon: We'll have pretty bare walls for a while, as I don't have much to hang.

    stopsign: Thank ya, Ma'am.

    Lou: I'm gonna keep my eyes open for stuff I might like, as far as art goes.

    It was so much simpler back when all we had was a tuner and turntable.

    Ain't THAT the truth!!

    Moogie: No carport, yet. I was told "this week" but I'm beginning to doubt that.

    Alison and Sharon: Thank you both, Ladies. I WILL be using my oven once I get settled, Sharon.

  12. Nothing so sinister, I saw the rectangular thing behind the blinds, and it looked just like the thing on the top right of your blog :-)

    I haven't left Texas in years, and certainly wouldn't drive west!


  13. Cave: Damned astute observation on your part then!

  14. OMG, I have missed too much. You get e-mail on your PHONE now? Sheesh!


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