Monday, August 08, 2011

You Might Be Seein' More of This Kinda Thang...

... after Saturday.  This:

I'm thinkin' Perry might just have a shot.  He looks pretty damned good to ME... not perfect, mind you, just GOOD.  Better than anyone else who's declared or undeclared at this point.

Oh.  That "under the awning" thang?  That didn't last long.  It's a hunnert frickin' degrees outside, as we speak.


  1. A stale doughnut with lint on top would better than the current occupant of the WH.

    I think Obamalamadingdong has shown how bad he is, that the Republicans could run Frumpy McGee (whoever he might be) and win.

    Unless of course this whole nation has all had lobotomies.

  2. Anon - I thought that the majority of voters in 2008 showed us they quite clearly had lobotomies at that time.

    One can only hope they've had them reversed.

  3. MissBirdlegs in AL08 August, 2011 17:04

    Perry looks better than the rest of them to me, too. I truly don't know enough about him, but if he runs, unless he screws up big time, I'll probably throw him a vote.

    Agree that NOBODY could possibly be worse than what we have now. In fact, NOBODY might be better for a while... ;-)

  4. We've loved Perry for years. Two of our daughters left Iowa for Texas after college...and never came back. They met their husbands who left their hometowns for Texas and will never go back. They all have good jobs that they would never have in Iowa. But the darn kids still voted for that Obamalamadingdong... *Big Sigh*

    We are retiring to Texas in a couple years so Perry can be our governor. Guess we'll have to settle for him being our President. But we'll still have the satisfaction of canceling out our daughters' votes in the election...if they don't wise up by then.....

  5. I'm not a Mr. Goodhair fan, but maybe he is better than anyone else - how very sad. Personally, I don't think it is Mr. Perry by himself that gets the credit, it is the way Texas is - it's who Texans are (except for the liberals in Austin and Red Hampster's children :)

  6. Lou makes a good point. Perry (as did Dubya) benefits from the Texas tax structure, geography, natural resources, etc.

    If he does run for President, you'll be reading a bunch of dissatisfied Texas Republicans throwing rocks at him...just as you would if Jindal ran from people like me.

    All that being said, I like the guy. I think he's optimized the advantages, and held a fiscally conservative line for the most part.

    He certainly doesn't back up when confronted. I like that, too.

    Right now I'm leaning toward Bachmann, but Perry would probably change my mind on that. For now. I think they'd be a good duo to whip ObozO & Slow Joe.

    But, I'm like most of your readers...I'm supporting WHOEVER against those retards.

  7. All y'all make VERY valid points. Obama still has his supporters, god only knows why, and I think next year is gonna be close.

    Red: Sorry about your girls! Dang... that has to hurt. I know I used to really piss the Ol' Man off back in my moonbat days and he would say some unkind things about both my intellect and lineage, casting aspersions on the latter. He lived to see me come around, so there's hope... and change, too!

    Lou & Andy: Your points about Tejas in general are well taken, but Perry must be doin' sumthin' right, given his time in office. He does have a big-ass stain on his record with that Gore thang, and that will come out during the primaries... Big-Time.

  8. I was gonna say somethin' along the lines of Texas was there long before Perry, but others have covered it.
    I guess I've become just a little cynical because over a lifetime I've heard so much that turned out to just be political rhetoric... oh and then there's that other thing [being here in Calif.] ;-)

    v-word = fuslyrol

  9. I don't know enough about Perry yet, but what I've heard at this point sounds okay to me. What's the Gore thing you refer to Buck?

  10. My liberal, hippie, lawyer brother says that Perry is gay (google the accusations). So why doesn't that make the liberals like him more?

  11. Skip: I hear ya about bein' a cynic. I'm there, too.

    Dan: Perry was Gore's state campaign manager for Texas. Go to The Wiki and read his bio.

    Lou: Coz he's a Republican. Gays are ONLY cool if they're libruls.

  12. I'm having trouble focussing on any one partuicular candidate. Fred Thompson broke my heart in 2008, so I'm a little gunshy about backing anyone this early. And frankly, I don't care who it is as long as the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue becomes the ex-resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He can even take all the Ws from the White House keyboards back to Chicago with him.

  13. As to being Gore's State 1988...well, there's this.

    I had decided that if Gore got the nod from the Democrats in 1988, I was gonna vote for him over GHW Bush.

    Gore was the only Democrat that I would have considered. And, I was actually pulling for him. He was not the moonbat then that he became. Hell, he was MORE conservative than Bush on almost every issue...back in '88.

    The 80's were changing times for Democrats. We had 'em all over the South that switched when the party left them. I can certainly give Perry grace on supporting Gore. Perry was still a Democrat (it was still regionally acceptable to be a Dem, and extremely conservative), and Gore was definitely inspiring. Really, he WAS. Hard to believe, I know...but he WAS.

    There will be folks like me that remember Al before he went insane...and really liked the cat...that will give Perry grace on that one.

  14. Moogie: I'm knida-sorta with you in that there's no one who REALLY floats my boat at this point in time. Perry comes closest.

    Andy: You have educated me, Bro, and who'd a thunk it? I didn't pay much attention to politics in that time frame (mid to late '80s) coz I was workin' my ass off tryin' to build a civilian career.

  15. Well, don't trust too much "education" that I provide. That was just my memory, and my perspective on things at the time.

    I still shake my head in wonder over what happened to Al. I'm pretty sure it's a diagnosable syndrome that might be handled with therapy & medication...or could have been before the demons finally completely claimed his soul.

    Heh! WV: lawdno

  16. Well, Al's prolly not sufferin' from anything a good massage therapist couldn't cure.

  17. I'm wondering if the jobs in north dakota have anything to do with snow removal and flood repair.


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