Wednesday, August 03, 2011

What a Great Ideer!

Innominatus... err, Innomihobbit the Impaler... notes that Tea Partiers have increased status these days, what with going from garden-variety racists, to nutcases, to radicals, to hobbits, and now terrorists... as described by our Good Friends of the Leftist persuasion, of course.  Keeping that in mind, Inno the Impaler suggests we claim our own tea-hobbit name before all the good ones are taken.  Sez he:
But anyway.  I'm not so upset by it.  In fact, I'm going to Yankee Doodle this thing and embrace it, just to annoy 'em further.  With that in mind, I will henceforth be known as
Innomihobbit the Impaler.
I suggest you claim your own nom d'hobbit in the comments before all the cool ones are taken. 
You can weigh in here.  Since Inno the Impaler thought of this I'm also thinkin' he needs to take on the responsibility of bein' the Official Tea-Hobbit Name Registrar.  I'm very good at delegating, yanno?

Oh.  In case you're wonderin'... please address me as "Norman Pennywise" in future.


Pointer:  In case you missed it, the perp in my coyote-ugly story has weighed in with additional details concerning my lost night of debauchery in foreign lands.  Said perp is commenting anonymously but has provided sufficient detail as to BARELY conceal his identity.  As a matter o' fact the perceptive among you will recognize him for who he is quite easily, even as I tried SO hard to protect the innocent guilty.  So much for EIP's version o' the witness protection program, but then again: there is plausible deniability in those anonymous comments.  That's what makes America WORK, Gentle Reader.


  1. Sounds like more Registrar'n work for this weary hobbit. Sigh :)

  2. I'm gonna have to think on the hobbitizing of the moniker.


    Sometimes participants remember a story so well they just have to step forward to enhance it.

  3. The zippohobbit who let the world burn bay bee.

  4. I've never been to middle-earth, but I've been to a sulphur-smelling lava pit. Do you think hobbits smell like shit? The reason I ask, is I'm kind of adverse to shit in all of it forms (gas, solid, etc).

  5. Thanks for reminding me of those adventures Buck. I had almost forgotten how much fun mischief and misdemeanors are.

  6. I've never been that drunk in my life, but my stories would be sick enough that people would say "you had to be on drugs or alcohol to do that!"

    Suffice to say, that the lower classes of white women in England will do just about anything for cab fare the next morning.

    Luckily we had DDT back then...

    Anymore, I get a lot of excitement from just having pee come out...

  7. I could be Bilbo Baggett.

    I seem to have missed some interesting comments.

  8. Inno: YOU started it! ;-)

    Skip: My perp's memory is FAR better than mine.

    Curtis: I like it.

    pas: You haven't read Tolkien, have ya? Hobbits are fastidious creatures.

    Anon: Those WERE good times... mebbe even the best o' times. No. Wait. We weren't gettin' laid often enough for them bein' the best o' times. But they were pretty danged good.

    Sur: I can relate to that. ;-)

    I could be Bilbo Baggett.

    You most certainly could.

    As far as the comments go, ya didn't miss a whole helluva lot, Lou. Just Old Men reminiscing about lost youth. ;-)


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