Friday, August 05, 2011

We ALMOST Forgot

Today is International Beer Day!  And we are celebrating, much as we do every day around this time.  In commemoration...

Today Is...

... International BEER Day!  Now if ever there was a holiday made just for ME...

You can get one of these tee shirts here.
Happy Beer Day, all y'all.  You still have time to celebrate in an appropriate manner, yanno?


  1. Pizza's on the way. Here's to you and this great holiday. Many happy returns!

  2. Having a fine Casa de Gray Extra Special Homebrew to celebrate.

    There is only one. Brewed each Saturday in Casa de Gray in Placitas, NM where the water suits itself well to British bitter styles.



  3. I like that it is "international" and not just national. Who thinks of these things?

  4. Dan: We had a few "Happy Returns!"

    Gray: THAT'S the way to celebrate!

    Lou: I dunno who thinks these things up but I'm glad they DO.


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