Saturday, August 13, 2011

Too True

Two from the usual source, both by Steve Kelley...

My poor 401(k)... it's sufferin' from whiplash while getting smaller and smaller. 


  1. Luckily I moved most of my investment money to the holding account, which gets .5% interest. Better than the elevator, but no way to make money.

    I did make another $2k on Ford last week though. I bought at $10 and sold at $11. That's pretty much how I operate now - $1 at a time...

    $2k ain't much, but it will buy a steak dinner and bus tickets some day...

  2. Buck, I feel yore pain. I have a very small 401k and now it's so tiny I'll need a Sherlock magnifying glass to find it.

  3. Dollar: You're a braver man than I. Or perhaps smarter... I trust my money to the pros, who haven't done very well with it.

    Dan: I hear ya. I haven't had the heart or nerve to actually LOOK at my 401(k) all this week. Ignorance can truly be bliss.

  4. Sadly, I'm still in a lurch.

    I also bought 2000 shares of Ford at $12, so I have to wait for it to get to $13 before I can fully recover.

    So the best of plans go awry. I figured it can't go any lower than $12! Then Congress stepped on their dick...

  5. I think Ford will go above $12 fairly quickly... That should be the only worry **I** have.


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