Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tonight's ADWH Soundtrack

The inimitable Peter Green:

So good-bye baby
You don’t even care
Yes, I had a love so strong for you
But you treat me so unfair
This tune is pretty much the blues as it's meant to be played... and sung.   One of the better things about Pandora's J.J. Cale station is the fact it features a lot o' Peter Green, which led me to define a Peter Green station this evening.  I can't figger out why it took me so long to do that, but... better late than never.  Green had a lot of ups and downs over the years but has lately overcome his demons and returned to the real world... playin', tourin', and recording... once again.  Yet another '60s survivor.

I've been a Peter Green fan since about 1968 when a friend of mine turned me on to Fleetwood Mac, in its original blues band incarnation.  That was also the year the Mac had their first U.S. chart success with Black Magic Woman, a version of which is superior in lotsa ways to Carlos' more renowned take.  I think it's a damned shame that MOST people think of Stevie Nicks (and Lindsey Buckingham) when someone sez "Fleetwood Mac," and just slightly less so when people say "but... Christine McVie!"  Well, check that.  I have an immense amount of respect for Christine and NONE for Ms. Nicks.  That said, the BEST iteration of the Mac lasted two short years and I'm glad I was there.  I'm also glad there's lots and lots of Green's work on the Tube O' You; it seems like I'm far from alone in my admiration for the man's playin'.

Let's close with this:

Ain't that GREAT?


  1. "Ain't that GREAT?"

    Great for a Sunday morning... loop that puppie!

  2. I do like Fleetwood Mac - even Ms. Nicks, but I was (once again) ignorant of Peter Green.

  3. Skip: While I didn't loop those clips I sure listened to 'em a LOT.

    Lou: I live to serve, Fair Lady. ;-)


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