Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Hate It When This Sorta Thang Happens


Three hours, 46 minutes, 15 seconds and 34 page views.  Comments?  None, as far as I can tell... but a comment from a new reader came in at 1345 hrs so I might could be wrong and that wouldn't be the first time.  But, Hey!  It's good to have readers in the AOR and that's where this person is, judging from his org/IP address (not published here) and the time zone.


  1. If someone would have been on my blog that long. I know they would have been sleeping~~lol

    Thanks for the post:)

  2. Gee, I never figured out how to track my blog traffic...not that I had much.....

    Can you tell I'm wearing my jammies when I catch up on reading your archives late at night...'cause now the web cam eye on my laptop staring me in the face is worrying me...what with your tech proficiency and all. :-)

  3. Maybe they are a slow reader?

    I sometimes do visit your site and get called away from the computer, so I guess this isn't all that impossible. Going to 34 pages though is hard to compute with the time spent.

    BTW... being a huge baseball fan, especially of the Yankees (please no booing allowed today) the Yankees set a record today of being the only team to have 3 grand slams in one game. They previously only had 4 games in their history that recorded 2 grand slams.

    Think about that. With the long history of baseball, the hundreds of thousand games played, teams that were stacked with big hitters, and only one team did this.

    Pretty amazing feat.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled program. ;D

  4. stopsign: I found you blog interesting... no sleeping here.

    Red: You DO look good in yer jammies. "Tech proficiency?" Heh. I'm lucky I can spell "tech."

    Anon: Most of those page views were going back through the archives, 20 posts at a time.

    I saw the three grand slams thang on the news last evening. The fans in Yankee stadium (it WAS a home game, right?) got their money's worth yesterday.

  5. Buck, yes, it was a home game. The Yankee bats were not working all that great the first two games of the series, though they did come close in each of the first two games of the series, they lost.

    Hughes, the Yankee pitcher, was out in the 2nd inning having given up 6 runs. The Yankees were looking like they would be swept at home by the lowly A's.

    There were a number of records that fell or tied in that game, The Yankees were down 7-1, then they started hitting. They kept loading the bases, and three times they cleared them. Amazing game to watch, even if you weren't a Yankees fan, just seeing it unfold you felt that if any team was going to get 3 GS in a game it was yesterday.

    It was a lot of fun, and the fans got a truly rare treat to see history of an unusual sort.

  6. The fact that it was the most storied club in all of baseball (the only one to have a hit Broadway play about them--Damn Yankees, starring Gwen Verdon) to be the first to hit 3 Grand Slams in one game almost makes one believe in fate even if one didn't before. My bigger surprise was the fact that the Yankees hadn't scored 22 runs in a home game since 1931--especially since the era of the live ball and the lowering of the pitcher's mound (in 68, iirc--or was it 66?)

  7. DUnno if it makes ya feel any better, but I do the opposite when I read your blog: I don't read *any* of the content, I just comment.

    :0 :)

  8. Anon & Virgil: The fans DID look pleased in the video highlights I saw.

    Inno: That IS a relief. It also explains a lot, vis-a-vis yer comments. ;-)

    Ivan: Nope, I'm pretty sure it was The Af.


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