Friday, August 19, 2011


Can a cat be racist?

From the usual source.


Off the grid...  I'll be spending the day over in Lubbock; The Green Hornet has a car doctor's appointment to get her windows fixed.  This is also why I'm posting at oh-dark-thirty.


  1. Looks like we were both up before the Sun. GS and I are off to Sac for a funeral.

  2. I wondered about that earliness!

  3. "Can a cat be racist"

    Only a white or gray cat. Black cats are exempt.

  4. Skip: A funeral isn't the happiest reason for a road trip, but I suppose this comes with our ages, no?

    My respects to the deceased.

    Moogie: And well you should have wondered. We hardly ever get up that early, but sometimes we stay up that late.

    Chats: I hear ya.


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