Saturday, August 27, 2011

Food Fight!

“I get he’s upset and/or jealous of RedState and thinks, I suppose, that we should be in the tank for Palin or should not have let Perry announce at the RedState Gathering or whatever the reason du jour is,” Erickson wrote of Riehl in an update to his post.

Less than 20 minutes after the original Politico story was published, Erickson also posted an item in which he pointed to recent polling to suggest that Palin’s potential entry into the GOP field “would not shake up the race terribly at this point.”

“All of the above suggests, if Palin got in, it would not be hers for the taking as many of her supporters might think,” Erickson wrote. “Instead, she’d struggle for third place and not be guaranteed, even in Iowa, of a strong finish.”

Eighteen minutes after Erickson’s post went up, Riehl published his own blog item, which he titled “Perry Versus Palin,” and observed “how various voices and forces seem to be aligning themselves as relates to their support for Rick Perry or Sarah Palin.”
Oooh, Bay-bee... bring it ON.  I can't wait to hear the Palinistas explain how their darling's incomplete one-term performance as governor of a smallish state... speaking in terms of population and gross domestic product... compares to Perry's 11 years as governor of Texas.  I will admit that La Palin has much higher teevee ratings, better legs, and the hair is a wash.  Other than that?  No contest.  It seems like most Tea Partiers prefer Perry over Palin, but that might change if Palin formally enters the race.

Good times are comin'...


  1. I really miss the Smothers Brothers.

  2. I have said it many time recently - I love Sarah Palin and I sincerely hope she does NOT enter the race. Conservatives need someone who is electable and she is not.

  3. What Kris said.

    Nyuk! WV: haricane

  4. Skip: Heh. Me too.

    Kris & Andy: We're on the same page. But y'all knew THAT.

  5. I don't know...I think Perry may have better hair than Palin.

  6. Perry prolly has waaay fewer bad-hair days, too.


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