Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Find the Difference

Remember those old cartoon kid games where you'd be presented with two cartoon images and ask to find eight or ten differences between the two?  Well, try your hand at this and find two differences:

The first is easy... wet versus dry.  The second one?  No tree to the right of The Green Hornet (her left, actually, but right in the image).  The tree is just flat freakin' gone.

Further about this... I could have titled this post "I sleep waaay too well," mainly on account o' because the missing tree was the FIRST thang I noticed when I raised the shades this morning upon awakening.  The fact I slept through the felling of a tree... with accompanying chainsaw noises... amazes me.  It troubles me, too.   What if I'm sleeping too deeply when the Zombie Apocalypse comes?  I'll be TOAST, Gentle Reader, that's what'll happen.


  1. A tree that size can be taken down with a handsaw in just a few minutes. Bet they didn't even *use* a chainsaw.

  2. You're prolly right, Barry, given how close the cut is to the ground... it would have been hard to get any chainsaw that low. At least I *hope* you're right.

  3. What if I'm sleeping too deeply when the Zombie Apocalypse comes? Ok, you just made me spew water on my keyboard.

  4. >>>if I'm sleeping too deeply when the Zombie Apocalypse

    Ring of claymore mines 'round the CMdP might be a good idea. Or a barky dog.

  5. Deb: Sorry, Darlin'. Well... not really.

    Inno: I like the claymore ideer. They have the added advantage of telling you which side faces the enemy.

  6. Maybe it WAS The Zombie Apocalypse!

    (Except it was Tree Zombies!)

  7. The other obvious diff is 3 pickups in sunshine pic viz 4 in rain pic.

    PS: Start REALLY worrying when you wake-up one morn and YOU'RE THE ONLY RV LEFT IN THE TRAILER PARK..(heh) Best set the radar on full Zombie-scan at that point an unlimber the firepower. LOL.

  8. Okay, now in addition to worrying about you and zombies, I'm also worried about myself. I picked up on the missing pick-ups, but the tree totally escaped me.

    That's bad. Verrrry bad.

  9. I'm tellin' ya it was aliens!

  10. It means the park picked a new tree crew. That last batch would've raised a racket while giving you the stink eye. Or it's the same company but they got rid of the village idiot. Either way that's a good night's sleep!

  11. Okay, my first thought was "Buck's got a really, really, really clear conscience. Or, slurped down too much of the ADW. Or the ADWH was like three or four hours."

    But, the handsaw deal is most likely correct. I know if I was gonna cut down a tree that size I'd use a bow-saw, and try not to wake up the old farts.

    I mean...they might get pissed off and move to an apartment, or something...

    BTW, I do not believe in Zombies, so I didn't ruurn my keyboard like Deb.

  12. That's alright, Loozy-Andy, they believe in you.

  13. Jim: Thanks, Buddy. Now I have sumthin' ELSE to worry about: tree zombies.

    Start REALLY worrying when you wake-up one morn and YOU'RE THE ONLY RV LEFT IN THE TRAILER PARK..(heh)

    I hope to wake up in the VERY near future and find I'M not in the trailer park, Virgil. ;-)

    Moogie: This looks like a case of not bein' able to see the forest for the missing tree. To me, anyhoo.

    Lou: You, too. I already have enough to worry about and bein' close to Roswell ain't exactly comforting. I've heard the perp always returns to the scene of the crime...

    Anon: You have a great memory! That particular crew only comes by about every three years or so and they work for the power company.

    I still hate 'em, though.

    Andy: I DO have a clear conscience. VERY clear. ADWH usually helps with the sleep, too.

    And what S-Andy said about zombies.

    Speakin' o' S-Andy: Heh.


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