Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Die Is Cast...

... the Rubicon crossed, the barn door open, and a few other assorted clichés... feel free to add to the list.  We went out and ran our errands earlier today... drove over to The Big(ger) City™ for to get The Green Hornet washed, made an appointment to have TGH's balky windows fixed (the driver's side window lowers three inches and then quits, the passenger's window acts like it's on its last legs), and then stopped off in a local furniture store to do some browsing/window shopping for to furnish the new apartamento when that time comes.

I shouldn't have done that.

Mainly coz I bought this:

A lousy-ass phone pic

That's a powder blue (I think... it might could be gray, but it's sufficiently manly) sofa, love seat, coffee table, and two end tables... back to chrome and glass.  It ain't exactly Scandinavian, but it ain't Wild West or over-stuffed, either.  I also priced out a bedroom set, a dinette set, area rugs, a repository for the teevee and stereo, and a mattress but didn't pop for any of that stuff at this time.  I'm gonna get away a lil bit cheaper than I originally thought, what with the most expensive item on my list bein' a Tempurpedic mattress.  Those folks are right proud of their products...

But we have a beginning on the furniture... all we need now is a place to live.  Isn't there some sorta cliché about carts and horses?


  1. Nice looking stuff but I don't think I could rebuild a motor on that coffee table.

  2. Umm. When they deliver it tomorrow are you going to set it up on the verandah or strap it to the roof?

  3. That all depends on the size of the motor now, don't it? You could rebuild small electric motors on that thing... easy!

  4. Deb: I arranged a "hold it" deal before I bought... and told them it's gonna be a month or two. "No problem," said the sales guy. My fingers are crossed...

  5. I love furniture shopping - this is exciting! I was just thinking this week that you needed your new furniture to have some manly brass studs on it... now especially if those sofas are powder blue. ;-)

    They say "Leap and a net will appear." So now that you are accumulating new furniture, maybe a place will open up in Golden Acres soon, or maybe you will discover an even better place.

  6. Cue the Van Halen song, "Beautiful Girls". All I need is a beautiful girlllll!"

    Nothing like new furniture and someone nice to sit with.

  7. I'm liking it! And you'll LOVE your mattress!

    (And you worked an it's and an its into the same sentence!)

  8. Now all you need is a couple of gray kittens.

  9. I like this plan and the furniture. I just wish I had been there to put my two cents in and have a good argument - you know - like a rent-a-wife.

    I did mistakenly read "lousy ass-phone" and I thought, "Really? An ass-phone?" And I snorted at Anon's kitten comment.

  10. Ditto Barco Sin Vela.
    Nice looking stuff. But the question arises, where is ADWH and Happy Hour gonna be?

  11. Looks nice Buck; clean and simple. Nothing like new furniture. And most stores really are great at holding stuff - their warehouses are so massive they don't really need the space. We renovated a room in our house earlier this year and it included all new furniture. The sofa was a custom-made sectional that took 9 weeks to come in; they held all the other stuff for us until then. Everything was delivered at the same time and all in perfect condition.

    And seriously, I am so glad you are moving into something a little more permanent. You've lived your monastic existence for a long time; it's now time to pamper yourself with leg, head and other room.

  12. You're really doing this!


    Just joshin'. Selling the RV, or hanging on to it for road trips?

  13. They say "Leap and a net will appear."

    I sure hope they are right, Red. I'm sure I'll find sumthin' even if GA doesn't come through.

    Darryl: "Some one nice to sit with..." Like a dog, mebbe. ;-)

    Moogie: The mattress and a REAL bed will be different. ;-)

    Now all you need is a couple of gray kittens.

    Heh. Yeah, and Athlete's Foot, too.

    I just wish I had been there to put my two cents in and have a good argument - you know - like a rent-a-wife.

    LOL! That's pretty good, Lou!

    Glenn: The apartments at GA have a nice lil front porch, just perfect for Happy Hour and ADWH. I think I'm gonna buy a potted palm tree to put my pink flamingos in and set it on the porch.

    Kris: I've never understood why the furniture bid'niz takes so damned long to deliver anything and everything in this day and age. I was quoted four to six weeks on everything I priced yesterday.

    Andy: I'm gonna sell the RV or find a nice open place to burn it to the ground. Selling it would be nice but I've owned it since 1999 (and lived in it for nearly ten of those years, nine in P-Ville), so I've definitely got my money's worth out of it.

  14. I'm gonna sell the RV or find a nice open place to burn it to the ground.

    Bwahahahahahahahaha! Thanks for the nyuk! I needed that.


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