Thursday, July 14, 2011


Which was the soundtrack for tonight's After Dinner Whiskey Hour (in part).  Linda's version of this song ain't the one we were listenin' to but it's my favorite... so...

The version we heard tonight was the original... by Little Feat... about which purists will bitch, piss, and moan if we don't include it here, so we will do so:

That's the version from Waiting for Columbus and there are many, many more.  I kinda like this one the best, though, and it goes without sayin' that your mileage may vary.  Especially if you happen to be a Little Feat or a Lowell George fan.

All that aside, we were watching a C-130 of the Compass Call variety (or something very much like it) make lazy orbits over P-Ville as ol' Lowell was croonin' on about how he'd be willin' if someone showed him a sign.  And we took pictures, too (click to embiggen, as always).

The first shot is a 30 percent re-sized pic of that C-130; the second is a full-size crop of that same shot.  I was hopin' the guys would hang around until the sunset got dramatic, which is to say like this:

Alas... they made about a dozen orbits over me and then moved off into the sunset to leave me alone with my thoughts... thoughts that tended toward how I'd be willin' to be up there with 'em.  I wouldn't even need any weed or whites (besides the fact this ain't even Your Father's Air Force) but I'd definitely want some wine.  Or beer or single malt, such as the case might be.  It kinda smarts a bit to be an old warhorse that's been put out to pasture, but it is what it is.


  1. Several years ago, we were in Lawton at dusk when a plane (similar to yours pictured) was making a slow loop. The parachutes began dropping. They were reenactment guys. With the sunset, it was beautiful. If I had only had a camera...

  2. I was hopin' that -130 would hang around until the sun got really, really low, coz I KNEW it was gonna be one of those golden sunsets. Alas...

  3. A friend once said "A man only gets so many sunsets in his life."...or something like that. Glad you're still here to enjoy and share this one.

  4. Not sure what that song means. But I like it. Pro'ly about drugs. Whites and coke and such. Just glad I've had the freedom and means to have been to the four T's mentioned.

    Linda-- I love her and her disembodied voice, but not her politics. (Shut up and sing.)

    C-130's, I take them for granted. They take laps all day where I work. Perhaps they could mix it up with some AC Howitzer action.

  5. Okay. Just listened to Willin' on my own system here. It wasn't coke, but smoke. Smugglin' smoke. Weed, whites and wine make the job do-able.

    Dude (it's a male trucker's voice she is channeling, right?) wants to be left alone. Libertarian.

  6. Red: We'll take as many sunsets as we can get. I'm not too strong on sun RISES of late, though.

    Bob: You nailed it in your second; the song's about driving truck. I love to listen to Linda... sing. And that's IT.

    As for the -130s... well, there are the standard trash haulers and then there are the kind we have out at Cannon. Which is to say, of course, that ours are different.

  7. Ah, yes. You have the Spooky Puffers. That'd be neat to see. Ever seen the famous video from the Af? Something like, "See that building? It's a mosque. Leave it alone. See all those other things and personnel? They're not mosque. Have at 'em." And the Spooky does.

  8. Love that song. And great pics. Having a wistful party today?

  9. des chansons et musiques Française16 July, 2011 17:27

    One comment about Linda's album, was I didn't really like the "blowin away" song, but couldn't put my finger on it until Joan Baez did a version.

    I mentioned that I am a schmaltz fan. Actually my bookends are just before BS (barbara streisand) on one end, and BP (boston pops) on the other. I mean, I do have limits. I've been known to listen to Aerosmith, but it has to be one of those days where I can't move my ass to turn it off.

    Anyway, the thing she did bad (if my memory is any good), was it seems Joan had the right tempo. Linda kind of put you to sleep with that song. I had to play it at 45 RPM on the turntable and then the Chipmunks sound entertained me.

    wv: water WTF? how boring...

  10. chansons: "Keep Me From Blowin' Away" and the title track were the two weakest songs on the album, IM(NS)HO. I nearly always skipped over those tunes. But the rest of the album? Pretty damned close to perfection and it might be her best.

  11. Moogie: ADWH nearly always finds us wistful.

  12. Guess what? I don't have screen shot, but Googling ADWH spits you out at #7! And now I understand that it means After Dinner Whiskey Hour.

    And, you'd think I already knew that.

  13. 4 Engine Fighters!!

    Luv Linda, her voice not the politics.

    Craving some Little Feat. how bout some "Dixie chicken"ß

  14. Moogie: I googled that and came in at #3!

    Anon: I've been stuck on Little Feat for a week now (Pandora)... and have heard "Dixie Chicken" at least five times. ;-)


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