Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quick Hit

We're all familiar with animated gifs, which are mostly funny and usually tacky.  But then there are Cinemagraphs:

One more:

Via a G+ share from David Jensen.  David links to Thee Blog, which in turn links to From Me To You, the creator and purveyor of these brilliant images.  Good stuff, Maynard.


Apropos o' not much... no outdoor Happy Hour today, for a couple o' reasons.  (1) we have more thunder-boomers movin' in and (2) it feels like frickin' Mrs. Hippy outside, what with the humidity and temps in the low 90s (that would be the large woman, not the lady in the tie-dyed halter top bedecked with turquoise jewelry... who, as all pedants know, would be Mrs. Hippie).  We began our day with 69% relative humidity which has fallen to 40%, as we speak.  That's humid, Gentle Reader, for this part o' the world.  Those of you in Loosy-anna and elsewhere in the Suthin' part o' this great country can roll yer eyes and snicker.  You have my permission.

Updated, 1535 hrs:

See?  I told ya.  And ain't that beautiful!!


  1. That weather sucks! Did you move to Washington without telling us?

  2. You don't know how jealous I am.

  3. That weather sucks!

    NO! It's freakin' beautiful!! We needed rain in the worst sorta way and we finally got some.

    Lou: I kept watching the radar last evening and there were huge storms stuck north and east of Lubbock that I thought might move your way. Alas...

  4. Can you hear me choking back a snicker?

    Neat pic thingies!

  5. Heh. Yep on the snicker, Moogie... you were egg-zactly who I had in mind. Well, Andy, too.

  6. I'll take your humidity any day Buck. It's hot here today - at least by New England standards (low 90s) and let's just say the humidity is nearly the same as the temperature.

    As for that first cinemagraph I have to say that Anna Wintour is the sourest looking woman I have ever seen. Clearly she believes she is as important as people say she is. I don't know why - sour, dour and dullsville.

  7. I had NO idea who that woman was/is, Kris. I take it she's some sorta fashionista? (I know: Google is my friend!)


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