Monday, July 11, 2011

Quick Hit

Izzat true, or what?


  1. Nyuk! True, indeed. I've got great hopes for "something." I'm about to dive in to The GooblePlus. We shall c.

  2. Lori: Thanks.

    Andy: You'll LOVE Plus. Trust me.

  3. Out of all those listed I only have accounts on FB and YT and the FB could disappear and I'd never notice. Couple of 'em I've never even heard of.

    What they need to do is come up with some kind of antisocial networking web sites for people like me.

  4. Inno, I'm about to dive in to The GooblePlus. It looks extremely promising.

    I mean, at least I'm gonna give 'er a rip.

  5. Inno: I don't "do" Foursquare (NO ONE needs to know where I am, all the freakin' time), LinkedIn (in the immortal words of Maynard G. Krebs: WORK!??!), Facebook (ptui!), or Quroa (redundant: works really well if I ever have a question Google can't answer). Shorter: I'm three for six.

    Andy: You've been "goin'" to get started on G+ for freakin' hours. We ARE beginnin' to wonder.

  6. Imma gettin' there...Imma gettin' there...

    Sheesh! Junk happens. And, you DO NOT want to know about the junk. Trust me...

  7. No photos of junk Andy.
    .. please.

    someday, you may run for election and the internet's forever.

  8. Heh. I've never heard of couple of them. I'm on the FB, but like Inno, if it vanished tomorrow I doubt I'd notice.

  9. And, Blogger...

    "This is how I used to pee, and it was better to pee then, damn it!"

  10. marc: Heh!

    BR: You KNOW how I feel about FB...

    Jim: That's MY Blogger...


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