Sunday, July 10, 2011

Newsy Notes

Roosevelt County is bringing a new addition to the county fairgrounds in the form of a 12,600-square-foot windmill park.

Longtime Portales residents Bill and Alta Dalley, who have collected old-fashioned windmills for the last 30 years, now have more than 80 windmills stored at their home on South Kilgore in Portales.

“When we mentioned we were getting rid of them, some of the kids and grandkids got upset ’cause they said it wouldn’t be home without the windmills,” Bill Dalley said, laughing. “The kids are wanting to keep them within the county and close to home.”

The windmill collection is not being moved far, since the couple has donated it to Roosevelt County, which will turn the collection into a 12,600-square-foot windmill park at the county fairgrounds. The display will be located between the event center and the Jake Lopez building and is due to open by February of next year.
The last I heard the county was still debating the pros and cons of saving the windmill collection, and most importantly... where to put them.  It looks like that's all been solved, and Good On Roosevelt County and its pooh-bahs!  I've written about the Dalley windmill collection in the near-wayback, and the pic comes from one of those posts.


Today's Lil Mystery...

The sponges, not the beer.  Why do these damned things get so grody, so quickly when they spend their entire working lives in hot soapy water?  I hate replacing them before their useful life is over, but OTOH I can't STAND lookin' at the damned things when they get that way.

The pic also does double-duty to illustrate what we're drinkin' at today's Happy Hour... a Sammy Adams Summer Ale (rated B- at Beer Advocate) (I'll prolly have more than one, actually, as I LOVE this beer.).  I've decided to be as Green as I can possibly be, so we're doubling up subject matter to save precious pixels and expensive digital film.  We're also re-using or recycling photos when we can.  Isn't that impressive, conscientious, and forward-thinkin' of me?  I need to research environmentalist awards as I prolly qualify for one.  Just don't look at the bulb in my table lamp, mmm-kay?  Shit.  Now I've blown my cover.

Gonna comment?  Read the post below before you do.  Blogger is bein' a shit today.


  1. Finally a quiet Sunday where I have time to read blogs while I do laundry, and Blogger is acting up.....

    I love windmills; maybe it has to do with growing up in the Midwest where every farm used to have a windmill. I didn't grow up on a farm, but I always wanted a windmill in my yard; still do.

    I'm with you on the grody sponges, too; at least it's obvious that you're keeping ECMdP clean. :)

    I was all for the CFL light bulbs, till I read so much about how a broken CFL bulb fills the air with mercury. I'm feeling safer with my incandescent bulbs now. I'm not holding your lightbulb against you, what with you being so conscientious with the pixels and all.

    Enjoy your Sunday Happy Hour!

  2. Good on you and the Dalleys! I think they should be given an exorbitant tax credit for contributing to green jobs.

    We served Sam Adams Summer at the wedding reception, among other things. There was none leftover.

  3. Red: You might be surprised at the windmills in folks' yards around these parts. I think they're pretty cool, too, to state the obvious.

    Re: at least it's obvious that you're keeping ECMdP clean. :) Well, we TRY. Just don't look DOWN. ;-)

    I think they should be given an exorbitant tax credit for contributing to green jobs.

    Nope. Sorry, but they QUIT with the windmills. So... NO cheese for them! I have no doubt but that Roosevelt County might try and finagle some sorta subsidy outta the Feds in this space, tho.

    I'll bet the Summer Ale went first at the reception, too. It always seems that way at the receptions **I** attend, anyhoo.

  4. Sponges: Just wash 'em, viejo.

    Mine last for years, on accounta I'm such a cheap s.o.b.

  5. People who use tungsten light bulbs should be rounded-up and put in relocation camps.

    Anyone who doesn't have solar panels should pay a tax to those who do.

    If people saw the gas flow meters on a generator plant, they would say "holy shit, that's a lot of fucking gas."

  6. People who use tungsten light bulbs also tend to be well-armed. Keep that in mind when you come to take us to the camps.

  7. To clean a sponge, soak in a bleach solution. To get rid of the germies, wet it and microwave for 1 minute. Surprisingly, the bleach won't kill all the mold and germs.


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