Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's An Indoor Happy Hour Today

Mainly coz o' this:

Yeah, we cherry-picked the extreme WX reporting location for effect.  It's really only about a hunnert degrees in the shade, which is still too hot for YrHmblScrb.  It's nice and cool in the Great Indoors and that's where we'll remain until the sun sinks below the horizon later on, at which time we'll go out to play.

Update, 1545 hrs:  Just noticed this in my Twitter feed:
iowahawkblog: HEAT ADVISORY: National Weather Service warns of possible severe bitching, with a 70% chance of pissing and moaning.
Heh... we do have us some pissin' and moanin' in the general vicinity.


  1. Closer to 100% chance in Arkansas. Not too wicked in NOLA today. Relatively speaking.

  2. That's the key: relatively speakin'.

  3. We're creepin' back up again. So far today it is still only Sunny (meaning yet to get above 95).

  4. What they should put in the "feels like" temperature slot is "frickin' HOT, boiling the piss out of you HOT".

    Feels like 97 my ass. Anything over a hundred is hot and feels hot and a degree or couple of degrees isn't making it feel anything less than a lobster feels when put in the pot.

    That is all.

  5. We are getting a 100 degrees tomorrow and we are in South Eastern PA. The humidity will ensure it will be painful out. Can't wait for the Climate Change to cool this off!

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  6. I am all done complaining about our unseasonably cold weather. Just sayin'.

  7. Yikes. We're headed for similar territory today and tomorrow, with the added joy of high humidity. One of the few times in my life I'm happy not to have any games scheduled.

  8. I'm past the bitchin' and moanin' and to the resolved. And when I get to go to the mountains, I'm goin"!

  9. Buck, it was 115 degrees about 20 miles northwest of Freedom, OK yesterday. How do I know that? My sister was bitching/pissing/moaning about it. Actually I don't blame her. :)

  10. possible severe bitching, with a 70% chance of pissing and moaning.

    Nyuk! I shall use that at least three times tonight at work.

  11. In ole Rochester, NY, it's 95 at 12:45 so I'm gonn'a go out on a limb and say we're gonn'a beat the record for this date of 97.

    No bitching or moaning from me. First of all, me likes it HOT. Secondly, I'm in AC (which I hate) all day. Third, still can’t beat August in South Korea. And most importantly, summer is WAY to short and winter WAY too long around these parts.

    Thinking 'bout going home and doing some serious yard work (hacking bushes with my new machete) and working up a really good sweat and hopefully reinforce the neighbors perception of me being slightly odd…and owns big sharp weapons.

  12. I can confirm what Suldog says about today here in New England: current temp is 89 but with the humidity it feels like ... 100.

    Severe heat watches are on; air quality alerts have been issued. Which for me is critical - asthma, allergies and this kind of heat/humidity are a dangerous combo.

    Thank god for A/C at work, in the car and at home.

    W/V: calori - which I would be burning off if I just stuck my head outside.

  13. Skip: I KNOW how hot it gets in your part of the world, having been up and down I-5 quite a bit when I lived in Oregon.

    Feels like 97 my ass.

    Heh. Agreed. Hot is hot.

    Jimmy (And Jim. And Kris): Yeah, I really, seriously feel for folks who have to deal with heat AND humidity. Not fun.

    Dave: I made that point to S-Andy yesterday. I could do with some Pac-NW coolness about now.

    Staci: All y'all have had some serious heat.

    L-Andy: Heh.

    Small-Tee: I hear ya about Ra-cha-cha's short summers and long winters. I don't recall complainin' much about the heat when I lived there. But complainin' about the snow was an
    entirely different matter.


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