Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It Looks Like the Monsoons Have Arrived

More t-storms in the vicinity and heavy cloud cover over P-Ville, as we speak:

Yeah, we DO have a monsoon season!  And it's right on time.


  1. heh.

    In part of the woods, we had rain all day, everyday for 6 solid days. It stopped for a day, then was back for another 4 days straight.

    What you got there is something I would welcome. Monsoon. heh. ;)

    Beer me!

  2. We are getting some sporadic, short bursts of rain. But we need monsoons. I've had several people tell me that they are out of the cattle business. The local cow sales are turning people away - saying not to bother bringing cattle to sell; they have too many. We normally sell hay for about 35$ a round bale, but people are getting as much as 80+ dollars now. Things are not good. If we do not grow grass/hay, things will be bad this winter, too.

  3. Consider yorefineself beered, Anon.

    Lou: That sounds REALLY bad.

  4. We've had a delightful afternoo of thundershowers. Ahhhhh.


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