Saturday, July 30, 2011

Broadening Our Horizons XXVII

T'is the season to be jolly... coz the summer seasonal brews are upon us.  Here's the best of which I've sampled this year:

That would be a Somersault summer seasonal ale from my favorite brewery up in Fort Collins, CO about which the consensus opinion at Beer Advocate is a not-often-seen B+.  Me?  I give the brew an "A"... no ifs, ands, or buts.  Yeah, it's THAT good!  And ain't that label clever?

Our cigar today is an Oliva Serie V in the Double Toro size.  And boy-howdy, you'd better have your boots on when you fire one of these puppies up.  The Serie V is a highly rated cigar (94 by Cigar Aficionado) but it's also one of the strongest cigars I've ever had.  I'm thinkin' we'll smoke this in two parts today, based on my previous experience.  We'll do half now and save the other half for After Dinner Whiskey Hour, where the cigar will pair much better with the current single malt than it does with this light, dry, and citrusy beer we're drinkin' at the moment.


  1. Charming label -- perfect for a summer afternoon!

    I never could do a good somersault as a kid, but I get dizzy real easily.

  2. Isn't that label cool? The beer is just as good... if not better... too.

  3. Drinking a somersault right now, and remembering that I don't like it a whole lot. It's ok, but there's some kind of herbal finish to it that hits me wrong. Alas - and send me some anthrax or a wasp grenade if you need to - I find I can cut it and make it much better by adding a little lime.

    Hey, I was making salsa and had some lime on hand. Gave it a shot, and it worked.

  4. We shall agree to disagree, Andy. I only have two left out o' the sixer I bought a couple o' days ago and plan to buy more. I like it. I'll drop a lime wedge in my next one, in your honor. We ALWAYS have limes hangin' about ECMdP.


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